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7.62 mm 147 gr FMJ

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I have three boxes of Winchester 7.62mm 147 grain FMJ ammo. All proceeds go to the LIF Freedom Fund. Auction Ends 11/09/09 at noon.
Good luck bid high and bid often.
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i hate using this surplus... but for the fund....20?
This the 7.62 x 51? Perfect for the new Saiga .308. I'll bid in at $30.
good ammo

I will go 40.00 for now.
Well the auction is over looks like M14BULLETS is the winner. I'll send you  a PM to discuss getting them to you.
Please send payment with by clicking on the donate link in the upper right hand corner of the website. In the purpose field put ".380 Ammo for Freedom Fund"

Or send check or MO to:

Long Island Firearms
PO Box 1481
Ronkonkoma NY 11779

ATTN: .380AMMO/Freedom Fund

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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