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5-year-old girl uses allowance money to buy ice cream for grieving police officers

Thanks to this fine young lady who used her allowance to treat us to ice cream today after the funeral services. We needed that! Relief comes in all different shapes and sizes, thank you for supporting us Isabella, 5 year old from E-town, KY you are living proof of what makes coming to work everyday worth it - with Tracy N Chris Smith, Autumn-Chri
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Isabella Yockey, a 5-year-old girl living in Kentucky, did something absolutely heartwarming for five Kentucky troopers and one Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper.

The officers were having a hard and emotional day. They decided to stop at a McDonald's after paying their respects to fellow Kentucky State trooper, Joseph Ponder, who was gunned down and killed earlier in September during a traffic stop.

When Isabella saw how sad the officers were, she asked her mom, Sarah Yockey, if she could use her allowance money to buy ice cream for the mourning officers.

Isabella's mother said the young girl told her mom, "Their friend died, and it's not fair because he has a family too."

"We were finishing up eating and Isabella comes out of no where and she's holding a tray of ice cream sundaes," Officer Homan said. He also made sure to mention that Isabella is "living proof of what makes coming to work every day worth it."


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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