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.36 & .44 BP Starting point

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I was wondering how many grains ya'll have used in a .44 black powder?
How about a .36?
I have plenty of BP long gun experience, but not handgun.
I'm looking to cut down on experimental loading time finding the proper load.
Now that the weather is milder, I can have more open windows at the range so as not to smoke everyone out, so it's time to play with these two guns.
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i've used 30-32 grains of fffg in my 1851 Colt Navy.
I have a pocket police 5 shot in 36 i believe that one takes 26-28 grains of the same
I'll give them a try.
Hi SemiAutoFetish, I know this is an older post but still was wondering are you using black powder or Pyrodex, if it is Pyrodex 30-32 grains seems like a heavy load, also if P/Dex how does that workout.
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