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.22lr optics

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During my many, many newbie mistakes with firearms and firearm accessories, one of the most sacred rules I have come to adopt is NOT TO SKIMP ON OPTICS. So, I'm looking for a new red dot for my gsg5, and naturally, I want something good. But considering it's .22lr, there's little need for an aimpoint or eotech.

I'm reluctant to break my own rule, but a lot of people seem to run clones or cheapo dots on their .22s with no problem. So, is .22 the exception to the rule? What price range should I be looking at for something that would work flawlessly on a .22? Or better yet, does anyone have any specific recommendations for a gsg 5 red dot?
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tru glo red dot to be honest i dont care what anyone says about them. I love mine shoots dead on i recently used it in a steel match and it was great. They are cheap in the 40 dollar range they work all the time and a well built i have dropped mine, banged it up its got some deep dings still shines bright as before.

Thats my 2 cents
My DPMS .22 AR sometimes wears a $30 Walmart red dot--I've seen the same one with the BSA name, Leapers, and some others, too. It's perfectely adequate for the job and well worth the modest price.
I use a sightmark aimpoint clone on my ar-15 and loved it.  I took it off because I wanted to practice with irons and also I am thinking about taking the massive plunge into an acog.  I haven't decided if im going to sell it yet but you might want to check them out.  Runs about 100 bucks or so and its pretty decent.  
I run a Tasco Pro-Point on my Ruger. It was pricey, but it's been rock-solid for 15 years.
I have a Tasco 30mm red dot that I've had for about 10 years, it was like $30 at Walmart, and my only complaint is that the dot is a bit dim for very bright environments, but in low light it has nice low settings so it can be used without trouble in very dark conditions. I have only seen the 40mm Tasco red dot lately, which is also very nice, but rather large and bulky. You may find a BSA 30mm reddot, not the same as the Tasco 30mm, mine is nice and bright but it's lowest setting is a bit too bright for very low light shooting, it hasn't seen the same ten years of use as my Tasco has, so Idk just how good it is. I have an Aimpoint replica made by the airsoft manufacturer G&P, in the US it sells for about $60, but from HK airsoft retailers it's about $35, it hasn't seen much use but it's very sturdy and well made, nothing at all like a real Aimpoint in durability, but the dot is nice and sharp. Tasco makes a red dot that looks kinda like an Aimpoint, Midway has it on clearance right now I think. I'm looking at getting one of the Leapers reddots for my .22 Savage, it's $45 at Midway http://www.midwayusa.com/viewProduct/?productNumber=549783
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