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.22 Target Glass?

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Sorry if it has been covered 100x before, I am going to set up a nice .22 for target shooting,(no hunting) What power and brand should be looked at. I would like those little black dots to be life size. It also needs to be compliant for regulated shoots. I do not know all the specifics yet , but I understand NRA sanctioned events differer in optics than other governing bodies. My guess the gun will be a Custom Shop Rem, or a Cooper. Possibly a Savage which I heard super things about.
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Since recoil is not an issue, I use an inexpensive (read "cheap") 6-14x44 rifle scope with a mildot reticle, and adjustable optics. I shot the rifle at 100 yards and the mildots come in handy for holdover and windage estimation since the scope is zeroed at 50.
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