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August 9th: 22 2-Gun (.22 Rifle & Pistol) Match - Match Directors: Jimmy B & Nick S

5 stages, approx 160 rounds. Click the link below to register for this match. Online stage descriptions are posted below. Divisions for this match will be:

Open - Optic or Scope on rifle, pistol or both guns.
Limited - Iron sights only on both guns.
Click here to register for this match.


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This match was so much fun. I don't have the right equipment to participate in 3 gun. So, 2 gun with .22's was a great way to experience this type of shooting. I've done a bunch of different pistol matches, but never anything with a rifle...what a blast (mini pun intended). I hope this gets on the calendar again for next year (or sooner).

Thanks for a great day.

My only regret was that I didn't get to shoot with the LIF group. I've been shooting with a buddy for a couple of years now. He's not a member on here, but is a member of LIPSA. So we shot in squad 1 with other members of LIPSA.
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