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12-Year-Old Girl Holds Up Michigan Grocery Store

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A 12-year-old Michigan girl will be charged with armed robbery after she tried to hold up a convenience store, MyFoxDetroit.com reported Monday.

Sheriff's deputies say the girl walked into the Country Lake Food Center in Highland, Mich., with a nine millimeter gun demanding cash. Employees recognized the girl, who they said is a regular.

One employee called 911 while another held the girl down.

"She pointed a gun to me. I thought it was a joke at first," a store employee said on the 911 call.

The girl was reportedly wearing a bandana over her face and black-colored clothing. She can be heard crying on the 911 dispatch.

"How were they trying to rob you?" the worker was asked on the 911 call.

"She basically had a mask on and pointed a gun to me … She's on the floor right now," the woman replied.

According to investigators, the 12-year-old got the gun from her neighbor. She had a key to the house and knew where the gun was kept. The Oakland County Sheriff's Department says there may be charges for stealing a weapon.

As of right now, the girl will be charged as a juvenile with armed robbery. She's being housed at the Children's Village in Oakland County.

Sources told MyFoxDetroit.com that there may have been some issues in the girl's family recently. It's unclear if those problems played any role in Monday's events.

"I think there's a lot bigger need than money in her life. That's what I would assume," one person told MyFoxDetroit.com.

"That's pretty incredible, someone that young starting out like this. That's not very good," another said.

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A future community organizer.....she'll go far with her 'share the wealth' ethic. :-/
Not good that the homeowner didnt secure his/her firearm..
Larger issues than money in that house for sure, hope she gets straightened out and not down the life path of no good
The Architect said:
Not good that the homeowner didnt secure his/her firearm..
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