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Another +1 for Bruce, just got back from picking up a 22 Cricket for the boy to use at Freeport Juniors this year. Pleasure as always!
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mattyj513 said:
Funny. I was looking at this very gun there today. . It was on the opposite shelf in the left corner if you are back to the counter. Right?
Your Junior must be ecstatic. This gun looks way cool.

Nope, that was another 22 with the same black laminate stock, this one I had him order for me, it was in the back. My son is very excited. I am probably going to modify the sights, as he is used to using a rear blade on his bb, and the peep on this doesn't look too great. I will let everyone know how it shoots once he gets it out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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