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I was visiting the folks up in Rockland county for the weekend, came across Davis Sport Shop. I had gone in for some cleaning supplies and walked out with a new Remington 700 SPS Tactical. How? Excellent customer service. I walked in and looked around and finally made my way to the guns in the back. The old timer behind the counter was knowledgeable, friendly and answered all of my questions honestly and plainly. He even struck up a conversation about 1911's when he saw me eye'ing a kimber behind the counter. When I asked to see it, he noted that he was obligated to ask for my pistol liscense. After showing my card, he proceeded to take a number of 1911's out for me to see and hold, all the while explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each from his experience. The care and attention shown to me during the handful of guns i looked at made it easy to make an unexpected purchase. After I bought rifle, he encouraged me to look up the best ways to break it and invited me to come back if i had any questions. I will certainly be returning...

Davis Sport Shop
120 Route 17
Sloatsburg‎ NY
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