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See pics of my brand spanking new CMP Special Grade M1 Garand here: http://www.longislandfirearms.com/forum/m-1339939129/

When I first got it last Wednesday, I found the action a little rough and things didn't seem to be working quite like I expected. I have a Mini-14 but this is my first Garand. So, rather than mess with it, I figured I'd like it tore down and checked out by someone who knows, just like the CMP recommends. I had planned anyway, all along, to leave it with Orion 7 for their "Private" treatment.

After exchanging a few emails with Anthony, I went in there on Friday and he wouldn't take my money. He looked at the rifle briefly, broke it down and gave me a quick primer. From the tag still on the swivel, he even knew the guy who armored the rifle and that he's one of the more highly regarded at CMP. Anhony was convinced the gun didn't need anything. Basically told me to just go out and shoot the damn thing. Rather than take advantage of an uninitiated, anal-retentive jerk like me.

The place is amazing, and Anthony is first rate. I've never been there before but I doubled my limited knowledge of Garands just having a 10 minute conversation. They have everything you'd even need for M1s. It's probably the next best thing to having a CMP store right here on LI. And in some ways, probably better.

Go there.
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