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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
    apparently yesterday was National Gun Violence Awareness Day. http://wearorange.org/take-action/ just when you think these libtards are done with making a fool of themselves, they come up with more stupid crap like this. i dare these people come to a gun range with orange shirt, see what happens.
  2. Suffolk County Ranges
    A fun day. Got loads settled on the 250/3000 and the SG M70 '06. Thanks to the range officers.
  3. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    So my long time neighbors across the street moved and rented their house out. Seems to be quite a few people that moved in. One of the new additions is a pit bull. I don't mind dogs, but they leave the damn thing out till one in the morning barking its head off. Sometimes all night. The front...
  4. Pets Pets Pets
    My buddy and family member of 15 years passed suddenly of natural causes yesterday and the house feels real empty today. Maui was always by my side and was a true companion to my family. He is greatly missed.
  5. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Yesterday one of my closest friends of 42 yrs past away. He was 59 (my age) We met at St John's pharmacy school and played together on the SJU hockey team and after graduation we kept in touch.... Emails , lunches, sports venues but in the last 2 yrs with both our work schedules ,we haven't...
  6. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Eastbound on Southern State around 2:45ish. Black Ford F150. Got off I think at Broadway in Massapequa. Tinted windows with the LIF sticker and a yellow decal that said "Don't tread on my gun rights"
  7. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Had a great day out by the Nautical Mile yesterday. This is my friends boat, he was a NYC Police Officer who was injured responding to the attack on the WTC. He dedicated his vessel to those we lost that day, thought you boat guys might enjoy the pics. Hand harvested clams for dinner tonight FTW.
  8. Veterans and Military
    A very, very close friend of the family died last week and was buried yesterday at the ripe old age of 97.He had a mini stroke at the begining of April. Seems his mind, while fully functional, could not communicate with his body all that well. Despite that, he beat the snot out of his son while...
  9. Reloading
    Started pulling my 45 cal reloads after my glock exploded. Was using the hornady bullet puller . Pulled about 200 and it broke. So reloaded those 200 and ordered the rcbs bullet puller. Much more durable then the Hornady. Ups delivered it today and I pulled the rest of the bullets. That was a...
  10. Suffolk County Ranges
    My buddy & I did a round of sporting clays yesterday Suffolk Clays. It was a beautiful day & I shot a touch better than my average. Everything was normal till we got to station 12. I'm shooting first, so I get into the box and call for a bird. Just prior to shooting each target I hear a horn...
  11. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Four hours to get there four hours to get to see it all and four hours back All the good stuff we used to see plus some evil class 3 goodies (40,000 for a mg42) Loads of pistols you could hold and friendly sellers One seller had Arizona State Police Savage shotguns for $350 really nice quality...
  12. All Other - Open Discussions
    This guy came for a little visit yesterday. So I shot him. With my camera.
  13. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Got home from work yesterday and found an advert from Cuomo that instantly made my blood boil....I put it down and opened the envelope from NYS fully expecting more crap and to my suprise, there was a letter and a DMP tag. Definetly a quick mood swing. The letter said there was a surplus of...
  14. Long Island Crimes
    I must be slipping in my old age. I pull up to the pump at the local Valero station last night in all that rain. I swipe my card and I see this skinny woman coming out of the station and she heads right over to me. She soaking wet. She asks me if I could spare $2.00. Tells me shes out of gas and...
  15. Suffolk County Ranges
    My son and I finally got some range time in. I wanted to coach him more with the Ruger 10/22 (he is improving nicely and I think with a few more years he will shoot better than I!) ANYWAY, Last week something followed me home from Benson's. I was goign to do a picture posting of unboxing and...
  16. Fishing - Open Discussions
    I skipped the Steel match at LIPSA to take my 7 year old to the Shinnecock Inlet for an early morning fish for stripers. 20 knot winds made drifting too difficult and it was too rough to moor out. We ended up making high speed wind-pushed drifts. After two hours on live eels and clams, not a...
  17. Nassau County Ranges
    Except for an irrigation hose sticking out of the ground by the pit shooting area and some reseeding along the replaced concrete everything is done. The closed sign was still up on the outside gate. There is a match on for tomorrow so I would hope that by this afternoon the outdoor range would...
  18. AR Rifles
    Spent a good part of the morning and early afternoon at Brookhaven, as usual the atmosphere was great. Good people fun conversation and aside from a few buttonholes picking up their rifles during cease fire, smooth sailing. I took my new gAyR 15 out to sight it in put about 200 rounds through...
1-19 of 43 Results