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  1. AR Rifles
    Does anybody know where to get this in Nassau or Western Suffolk? Or anywhere online that will ship to a house in New York? Thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Optics
    Soo anybody know where I can get some screws for my sights? I have a new Walther PPQ Q5 match which comes with various plates. Plates for Doctor, Trijicon, etc... well the sight I have uses the Doctor platform, however the screws are not exact. I was able to find something that worked but I'd...
  3. Out of State Crimes
    Well, come on..lets be *reasonable*..I mean, who needs 30 gallons of gas JUST to go hunting, you know? What we need are Common Sense Truck Laws...at this point, even 80% of truck owning Americans agree with this. Next week, we also need to take up knife and folding chair safety legislation, you...
  4. AR Rifles
    Title says it all, thanks in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. AK Rifles
    Where can you find one like this? Any ideas? https://s3.amazonaws.com/mgm-content/sites/armslist/uploads/posts/2016/06/17/5588852_01_compliant_romanian_ak_47_640.jpg
  6. Milsurp Rifles
    Anyone know of any stores that have in stock carry and sell the guns below in Long Island area? Mosin Nagant 1891/30 (preferably) M39 Mosin-Nagant M91/30 PU Mosin-Nagant M44 Carbine Looking to purchase a few of these. Thanks!
  7. Open Firearm Discussions
    For my small case , where can I find a small foam? Thanks
  8. Out of State Crimes
    I have to give credit to the folks behind this website. WOW ... it is a great summary of shootings and crime in Chi-town. Last week was one heckofa week ... 94 shot ! http://heyjackass.com/
  9. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Was looking at colt's, but through gallery of guns I quickly found out I cant have one shipped here to NY, I'm assuming because of the 30+1 mag. Where can I find a M4 that is NY state compliant?
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, just got my first firearm a few days ago. 27 years old, felt like now was the time. Need to be able to protect the home so I went with a gorgeous s.e Mossy 500. Wanted to go out to calverton tomorrow with my girls (gun and female) but the cheapest ******* rounds I can find around...
  11. Open Shout Out!
    I have some liberals in my office I need to annoy.
  12. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Seeking an expert and am not finding the list.
  13. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    I'm got a arrested for a disordly conduct a few years back and it was dropped to just paying a fine but I don't remember all the details. Where do I go to get a full copy of the record
  14. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    Wondering where folks go to buy guns online. (I posted this on The High Road, but I thought I post it here as well. LIF has more and better members and info than most other places, excepting the specialized boards ala S&W Forum or Beretta forum.) Of course Gunbroker. And Armslist (either...
  15. AR Rifles
    Any good spots to pick up a 5.56 crowed barrel for a compliance build, no threads? DSI is out of stock.
  16. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Where is a good place to sell toys? In particular, legos. I have about 1 and a half 18 gallon totes filled with legos that I am looking to get rid of.Anybody know of a good place to look?
  17. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Lookie where I got to go today. The company I work for handles a LOT of security for Bridgeport, CT (schools/government, we're all over the place) so we've been watching this place get built. Well we recently got a remote office in Bridgeport and I went up there today to take some photos of the...
  18. Gear Discussion
    Don't remember the last time I had to but a good leather belt. Any Ideas as to where to buy one [ not on line] . prefer a black heavy duty, not a dress belt, that I can put my Own buckle on. Suffolk county, Islip area if possible Thanks
1-18 of 248 Results