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  1. AK Rifles
    I don't want to paint over the wood so first where can I get a black stock? Im sure some of you AK guys have done this maybe you can post a pic or two!! Im changing out the front pc with a pc from Midwest Ind. I will be using Primary Arms stencil for the woodland Marpat look. I will be doing a...
  2. AK Rifles
    Let's just say for this instance this discussion is taking place in Free America. I'm looking for my next firearm purchase and I'm trying to decide whether to go with an AK, Saiga (not sure if I want converted) or a WASR in 7.62x39. What's the difference between the brands and if I go with the...
  3. AK Rifles
    does Anyone Know Where To Buy A SafeAct Compliant STock That Gets Rid Of The Evil Pistol Grip?
  4. AK Rifles
    Well got to the range today after a bit of a dry spell. First thing this morning I opened the safe and my WASR begged to be taken out. So off we went with a couple of pistols to shake off the rust. With Wolf ammo was able to keep them under an inch at 60 ft. I know its not match accuracy but you...
  5. AK Rifles
    I was wondering how many of our members had purchased a New York compliant WASR pre-safe act. I am involved in a court case and really can't give too many details but can tell you it involves an over zealous DA.
  6. AK Rifles
    Hi guys. I could not take the furniture on this rifle any longer. I practically got splinters it was so rough. So I made her real pretty with some sanding and clear semi gloss poly. I almost stained her a little darker but the wood looked nice as is. Then I added a new set of eye's ( The better...
  7. AK Rifles
    I bought a bunch of 5 round metal used magazines for my Wasr and of the 5 only 3 fit but really tight the other two I can not get in, what am I doing wrong. Is there some trick to get these to fit?? Thanks in advance for any advice, Shane
  8. AK Rifles
    Alright, I'm confused... A few days ago I was under the impression that I would NOT be able to register my WASR 10/63 because of it's pistol grip and detachable mag, but now it seems that ANY evil rifle can indeed be registered.? Is this true for my ugly red-headed stepchild WASR? So here's the...
  9. AK Rifles
    I may be acquiring a wasr in a trade. I don't know much about ak's. just wondering if aftermarket stuff like grips, stocks, fore ends are pretty much universal to most ak's or do I have to look for wasr specific furniture?
  10. AK Rifles
    Debating between a Saiga and a WASR. What are the pros and cons vs each rifle?
1-10 of 10 Results