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  1. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    A SERIOUS WARNING!!! FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY'S SAFETY, PLEASE READ!!! Kids are putting Drano, tin foil, and a little water in plastic drink bottles and capping it up - leaving it on lawns, in mail boxes, in gardens, on driveways etc. just waiting for you to pick it up intending to put it in the...
  2. Terrorist Talk
    This is a remarkable piece done by a moderate Sunni Muslim from Canada. No hate or ignorant Trump-like comments, just a call to conversation with numbers and polls to back it up. A staggering number of Muslims seem to support things that even liberals would call radical if they could even...
  3. Lifestyles / Hobbies
    Before going to see the new Star Wars movie, watch this important warning:
  4. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Personally, health wise this could help consumers to decide in restaurants, I usually look on the amount of calories that I order. But being healthy cannot start from restaurant's food, it must start from home cook meal and groceries we buy and educate ourselves in the subject, cannot rely on...
  5. Out of State Crimes
    http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/10/28/fbi-warning-nations-police-anarchist-halloween-revolt-plot/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social by WARNER TODD HUSTON28 Oct 2015Washington D.C.368 The FBI has issued an alert to police departments across the country warning that anarchist...
  6. Optics
    The U.S. Special Operations Command is warning its operators that some of their electronic rifle sights might fail them in certain environments. http://www.tacretailer.com/2015/09/30/military-issues-warning-eotech-sights/ Holographic sights may shift 4 MOA in certain conditions, reticle fades...
  7. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    My NOAA radio has announced a Tsunami Warning for our area but I am not hearing anything on the news or anywhere else.
  8. Recalls
    http://www.gundigest.com/ammunition-reviews-articles/reloading-handloading-articles-advice/safety-warning-recall-notice-imr-4007ssc-powder IMR Legendary Powders is officially announcing a product safety warning and recall notice for IMR 4007SSC on the six lot numbers listed below. IMR has...
  9. Site Help and Suggestions
    how does one accumulate warning points? i have no warning points yet, which by the way i cant believe, can some of you knuckleheads with warning points explain to me how its done.
  10. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I have received a warning point for my inappropriate use of the Queen's English in describing the Honorable Governor Andrew Cuomo. I have accepted full responsibility of my actions and acknowledged the same. There is no plausible deniability. I want to extend my deepest apologies to the...
  11. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    I got an email Header - Security Alert Subject incoming Emails Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit of 1 GB. You can not receive new messages until you update your mailbox with a link to click its says its from the AOL team but its not Tom
  12. Revolvers Handguns
    I figured stainless would be DW safe. I guess only Glocks are. Look what happened to the bottom gun after running it through a normal cycle. It must have shrunk at least 30%. Good thing its my wife's.
  13. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
  14. Out of State Crimes
    http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/27/us-usa-florida-selfdefense-idUSKBN0L02NQ20150127 (Reuters) - A Florida woman who says she fired a warning shot at her abusive husband was released from a Jacksonville jail on Tuesday under a plea deal that capped her sentence to the three years she had...
  15. Open Firearm Discussions
    Just photos, no other explanation but it is supposedly from inside a Navy SEAL Armory. Look at all those SIGs! http://cavemancircus...vy-seal-armory/ Photos From Inside A Navy SEAL Armory October 7, 2014 | 0 Comments | Topics: Interesting An Interview With A Former Navy SEAL Do You Have...
  16. Long Island Crimes
    http://longisland.news12.com/news/new-terror-warning-issued-for-li-service-members-1.9669270 New terror warning issued for LI service members December 1, 2014 11:33 AM Troops are urged to check their social media accounts and remove anything that could identify them. (11:18 AM) WOODBURY -...
  17. Site Help and Suggestions
    Why under my avatar do I see o warning points? I do not see this under other members.
1-17 of 50 Results