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  1. Chit-Chat
    Worth watching. I wasn't aware this was offered to vets who survived the Pearl Harbor attack of the Arizona. https://www.youtube....ayer_detailpage
  2. Veterans and Military
    It's an hour, but a good watch. I think anyway. Paul [b]
  3. Veterans and Military
    My son is a LTJG on the Blue crew of this boat. He is the guy in the orange coat all the way in front by the tug boat line in one of the pictures. A very proud father moment indeed! By Michael Brayshaw, NNSY Lead Public Affairs Specialist Photos by Tony Anderson, NNSY Photographer USS...
  4. Chit-Chat
    Okay, life is cool int he Habsfan family. My son and wife (Licence to Quilt) went with his scout troop for an overnight camp over on the USS New Jersey. Cool, right? It just got cooler. My wife won the lottery and gets to fir the cannon for the evening salute. 40mm of cold steely...
  5. Chit-Chat
    While reading a book about WWII Dauntless Dive Bombers I came across a reference to an aircraft carrier named after Long Island. Who knew? (Actually, it appears it was the second ship named after our illustrious home.) Did a quick Google and here's the result. (I believe a cruiser was named...
  6. Veterans and Military
    http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2015/02/05/pearl-harbor-uss-arizona-survivor-langdell/22953077/ Joe Langdell was working as a junior accountant in Boston when he got the idea that he should join the Navy and go to sea. It was 1940 and America edged closer every day to joining...
  7. Veterans and Military
  8. Veterans and Military
    The USS COLE is coming to NY on May 21st for Fleet Week/Memorial Day observances (along with several other ships). On October 12, 2000, suicide terrorists exploded a small boat alongside the USS Cole-a Navy Destroyer-as it was refueling in the Yemeni port of Aden. The blast ripped a...
  9. Veterans and Military
    http://www.navytimes.com/article/20140415/NEWS/304150045/UPDATE-Hue-City-crew-doused-major-fire-sea The crew of the cruiser Hue City fought and defeated a major fire in one of the main engineering spaces Monday evening without suffering any injuries, according to a new report obtained by Navy...
  10. Chit-Chat
    A few years ago, I took a tour of Bath Iron Works and I saw what would become the Zumwalt, in a pile steel plates in a warehouse. Pretty amazing to see her floating now. An amazing ship, and the first of her kind. http://www.presshera...ml?pagenum=full
  11. Chit-Chat
    Just got this in an email, pretty cool stuff.. The rest is cut n paste.. This video link is fresh (for the public). It was made in the Atlantic, just off Newport News (Hampton Roads), Virginia. These are the latest sea trials of the F-35B on the USS Wasp. They were very successful, with 74 VL's...
  12. Chit-Chat
    Irrespective of the situation and circumstances surrounding the Syria conflict..this is a beautiful photo of the USS Nimitz heading into the Red Sea. May God Bless and Protect All of Our Troops. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier and four other ships in its strike group...
1-12 of 12 Results