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  1. Out Of State Licensing
    "A possibly surprising fact: The South Dakota and Kentucky cases were brought by the local ACLU chapters; though the ACLU generally views the Second Amendment as not securing an individual right to own guns (and thus disagrees with the Supreme Court), local chapters are apparently willing to...
  2. Open Firearm Discussions
    "Police interference with person's self-defense, when he is faced with imminent danger - plus failure to protect him against the danger - may be unconstitutional" Read the whole article...
  3. Out of State Crimes
    We believe this is the first arrest for possessing an unregistered "assault weapon" and unregistered standard capacity magazine in Connecticut. It's also a pretty messy case. According to local media reports, a 65 year old Milford man was contacted by police after he shot a squirrel in his yard...
  4. Out Of State Licensing
    Wow, this could lead to more bad things for the tri-state area. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/feb/28/new-jersey-bill-is-outright-gun-ban-on-22-caliber-/?page=all#pagebreak "Even worse, the bill has no grandfather clause and no amnesty period. So as soon as this legislation becomes...
  5. Chit-Chat
    http://www.cnn.com/2....html?hpt=hp_t2 New York's stop-and-frisk policy unconstitutional, judge rules By CNN Staff updated 11:04 AM EDT, Mon August 12, 2013 Opponents of the New York Police Department's "stop-and-frisk" policy protest in January, 2012 (CNN) -- The New York Police...
  6. Chit-Chat
    Gentlemen & Ladies, This is a very informative video regarding the 2nd amendment and specifically as it relates to NYS and the new gun laws. Watch in it's entirety. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2013/03/the-assault-weapons-ban-as-understood-by-a-second-amendment-scholar.html
  7. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    THE NYS ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.......look up,,,,,,, UNITED STATES VS MILLER....the supreme court turn down Millers defense of using the second amendment in him having a sawed off shot gun (less than 18 '') but their reason was that....... ''Certainly it is not within judicial...
  8. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    The Cuomo Unconstitutional Assault Weapons Ban The gun control law that Mario Cuomo rammed through is unconstitutional. Well at least the banning of so called "assault weapons" is. Other parts my also be,but the assault ban is definitely unconstitutional. In 1939 , two men,Jack Miller and...
  9. NY Specific Discussions
    Here's the link. I know there's alot of petitions, letter writing and e - mailing out there. Lets make some noise and be heard! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/rule-ny-safe-act-be-unconstitutional/W2KLT6t8
1-9 of 18 Results