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  1. Chit-Chat
    am looking to get another digital camera for an upcoming vacation. have been using a ten year old Cano powershot A620 with about 7mp but because of its optical viewfinder (none of that can't see the screen due to sun for me) I just haven't gotten around to replacing it. its zoom is pretty...
  2. Milsurp [Rifles]
    So I bought a Schmidt-Rubin G.11 yesterday, and while it's FFL-ing and UPS-ing, I figured I would get the necessary accessories, particularly as much ammo as I can get my hands on for as little money as possible. I was hoping that, like with other MilSurp guns, I'd be able to relatively easily...
  3. Fire and EMS
    EMT says he was suspended without pay for trying to save choking girl By Edmund DeMarche Published October 28, 2015 FoxNews.com Facebook3 Twitter29 livefyre25 Email Print Qwasi Reid, who works for Assist Ambulance, told FoxNews.com he was suspended because it is against company police...
  4. Long Island Crimes
    hope you can see it. imagine if they opened the door
  5. Out of State Crimes
    I just got notified by AK Files that someone tried to access my account. They failed 5 times so my account is locked for 15 minutes. They sent me the IP and a Whois shows it to be at MIT. Any ideas what I should do?
  6. Chit-Chat
    Guys, gals, My grandfather has this pretty old wooden integrated TV cabinet from what I'd guess is the 50s - 70s. Gold foil on the leather cabinet fascia area and a cool speaker area. I tried searching on Craigslist but wondered in general how a person can identify value of something seemingly...
  7. Out of State Crimes
    just heard on the news. If true, this vermin needs to be exterminated. http://www.cnn.com/2015/03/17/us/former-airman-isis-charges/
  8. Chit-Chat
    "Billionaire John Catsimatidis is working to slip a biofuel mandate that would add $150 million to New Yorkers' heat expenses into the state budget just as a company he owns completes construction of the largest biofuel plant in the region." <facepalm> I know you don't want to but read more at...
  9. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    Pretty short article but a very grim one seems like the ATF is going to make 5.56 alot more pricey... https://www.nraila.org/articles/20150213/batfe-to-ban-common-ar-15-ammo
  10. Out of State Crimes
    This just crossed the wires. In the continuing saga of what looks like a rebellion rolling across this nation, Penn cops shot and killed a guy trying to kill them tonite. How many incidents so far? A dozen? This is a very bad situation for LEO. Stay safe please...
  11. Site Help and Suggestions
    I was once a donated member. I became unemployed and wasn't able to donate. I try to become a "Donated Membership" > Add to cart > and get the below message. Oops! Something went wrong! You have already purchased this item and it cannot be purchased again. A renewal invoice for your existing...
  12. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    I want to attend another Appleseed event in the future and would like to get a semi-auto 22LR rifle. I currently have a Savage MKII bolt action and cannot see using it during a rapid fire event - going to be way too slow chambering a new round. I know that 10/22 has many more aftermarket...
  13. Chit-Chat
    I am trying to quit smoking, My concern is how safe are the Electronic or even the liquid ones they sell. Would appreciate if anyone has tried either one and if it helped... Thank you....
  14. Open Firearm Discussions
    All I can say is... wow... I had no clue the Pulse Rifle from Aliens was made available to the civilian market yet! http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/07/21/1315466/-GUNS-GOONS-AND-GEORGIA These guns can be purchased anywhere in Georgia and carried into a church, bar, school or library...
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    I'm having trouble trying to get my donation membership back up, can someone pm me to help?
  16. Gear Discussion
    Hello everyone i have been gone for awhile I just got married in the 17th of may and have been crazy busy the last 2 months. Now that we are home from the honeymoon and back to reality sadly. So i have received permission from the wifey to go out and get somthing that i have wanted for a long...
1-17 of 34 Results