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  1. Out of State Crimes
    Now granted....her letter to Michael's mom was about support and healing, but am I the only one who takes exception to this remark? It really is true: Anti-Gun folks count all deaths by gun fire. I'm surprised that haven't been counting our fallen troops over seas...
  2. Chit-Chat
    Just saw this story on yahoo .smh! The hooded sweatshirt Trayvon Martin wore the night George Zimmerman shot him to death could end up on display at the Smithsonian Institution. The shirt became a powerful symbol of the case after Zimmerman described Martin as wearing a "hoodie" the night he...
  3. Out of State Crimes
    Cops are going door-to-door in an American city again, only this time at least they are knocking on doors instead of knocking them down. The most recent example of a police-state presence is developing even now in Sanford, Fla., where neighborhood-watch participant George Zimmerman is on trial...
1-3 of 3 Results