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  1. Chit-Chat
    Or is that Tyre, eh? Is it worth the trip north of the border, or should I keep shopping at Harbor Freight?
  2. Camping / RV - Open Discussions
    My dad just purchased a 2000 Fleedwood Jamboree 29Z and hes having trouble finding a tire shop that can install tires on an RV. Does anyone know of a tire shop preferably in Nassau county that does RV tires? We already tried the usual places like Mavis, Goodyear, Firestone....etc. Any help...
  3. Car / Truck talk
    Light with this message just came on. Tires are good to how with 35 pounds all four, plus spare. How do you know which sensor is at fault without breaking down each wheel at a time & luck?
  4. Car / Truck talk
    i need to buy four new tires for my wifes Nissan. Dont want to go to Mavis. Can anyone recommend a good place? Im in. N. Massapequa. Thanks
  5. 4X4 -Enjoy the offroad! / CB Radio Area
    Hi Forum members, I need a hook-up for tires. I am in the market for a set (4) of Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac in size 295/65/18. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, sojourner
  6. Car / Truck talk
    I just pulled a screw out of a tire. I have a tire plug kit. any tips on how to go about this
  7. Motorcycles
    I am pretty sure this is not what it says in the manual, but you have to award style points for technique:
  8. Car / Truck talk
    The guy I usually go to has been having some personal things impacting his ability to open and I need to get a slow leak repaired. Please, no recommendations for Goodyear or Mavis or any of the chains where every puncture is "on the shoulder" or "unrepairable".
  9. Car / Truck talk
    It was 54 degrees Monday but 8 degrees overnight. They say tire pressure drops one degree for every 10 degree temperature drop. My tires looked a little low. I froze my fingers this morning and added about 6-8 lbs to each tire to get them back to the recommended pressures.
  10. 4X4 -Enjoy the offroad! / CB Radio Area
    Hey all, Going to be buying some new tires for an f-150..I currently have 275/55/20..I'd like a little more sidewall and over all height...without doing a lift, anyone know if 65's will fit? a little research says the 60's should be fine but 65 might rub...Also would like something a tad better...
  11. Motorcycles
    Hi Guys, I have a 23 inch wheel for my Harley. I have my tire as well. I need the tire mounted. I live in Bellmore so if anyone can recommend a place I can get the tire mounted would be great. I contacted Cycle Concepts against my good judgment thinking maybe he has calmed down a bit but he...
  12. Open Firearm Discussions
    I saw this on the military channel last night and thought it was pretty interesting. The tip is used to puncture a hole in the tire. It leaves behind a tube that keeps the whole open and allows the air to escape. Afterward you are left with a sharp psuedo bayonet. I am sure its been around...
  13. 4X4 -Enjoy the offroad! / CB Radio Area
    I still have a big ole' Burb with a set of 33x12.50x16.5 BFG's.....which is a discontinued size. I have one tire that leaks through the a crack in the sidewall ... when the crack is on the bottom (???) It's got about 75% of its tread left. The truck is one step away from scrap so I don't want to...
1-13 of 14 Results