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  1. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    "America's largest shotgun manufacturer, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., decided not to expand in Connecticut. Sure it was founded there 1919 and still has its corporate headquarters in North Haven. But in 2013 Connecticut rushed through legislation to ban some of Mossberg's popular products. As...
  2. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    They gave me this thing to shoot, loaded with 20 rounds of blue tipped, cop killer bullets. :
  3. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Took a ride to Gander Mountain outside of Dallas today and found this...WTF Boarded shut, signs removed. I think I might have shed a tear.
  4. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Just Back from Vacation in Dallas, curious what I'd see after Texas after they passed the Open Carry Law. Arrived there expecting more than NYC but seems just could find nobody with open carry, little disappointing, plus some places like some restaurants, stores and public museum also have No...
  5. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Holy smoley. Read the report of what happened when Scalia died. There will be NO autopsy of him. Hence no medical exam of body. Wowwy zowwie. I don't have words.... http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/texas-news/scalia-to-have-autopsy-in-texas-according-to-state-law/42898331
  6. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Yup. You can get a ticket for offending someone:
  7. Out of State Crimes
    Slavery is alive and well in many parts of the world, including the African continent. But the left is more concerned about the popularity of the Confederate battle flag. So someone from Nigerian thought it was OK to bring a fellow Nigerian here and enslave them...
  8. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Stop it, just stop the stupidity. Talk about teaching the youth in america that they will be controlled in life!!!! If this is a rule in that school., those that created it should be fired. https://www.washingt...-asthma-attack/
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://www.dailymail...ive-action.html https://en.wikipedia...ome_and_take_it
  10. Open Firearm Discussions
    Greg Abbott ✔ @GregAbbott_TX I'm EMBARRASSED: Texas #2 in nation for new gun purchases, behind CALIFORNIA. Let's pick up the pace Texans. @NRA http://blog.chron.co...llion-for-year/ … 1:53 PM - 28 Oct 2015 1,740 1,740 Retweets 2,004
  11. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Texas teen arrested for homemade clock demands $15 million and an apology from city, school district Time is running out for them to meet this clockmaker's demands. Attorneys for the Texas teen who was arrested for having a clock that was thought to be a bomb are demanding $15 million for his...
  12. Terrorist Talk
    http://www.breitbart...rder-in-laredo/ According to the Jebster, I guess they "were coming here out of love."
  13. Semi-Auto Handguns
    http://wilsoncombat.com/new/handgun-texas-bbq-special.asp Introducing the Wilson Combat Texas BBQ Special: The great state of Texas is well known for the fancy fighting firearms worn by members of the elite Texas Rangers. These fully dressed-up carry guns, often hand-engraved are almost...
  14. Out of State Crimes
    Two people have been arrested in connection with the murder of Texas Police Officer Don Allen. The Abilene police officer was found dead in his home one week ago under circumstances described as "clearly suspicious." Phillip Walter, 29, and Violetta Walter, 30, were arrested on Friday and...
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  16. All Other - Open Discussions
    Not going to talk about the $1.89 gas or the amount of construction, engineering and other jobs almost there for the picking. I took the son and family out to their Mexican restaurant of choice for dinner, 3 adults and 4 kids. No drinks just to be clear but the check brought a tear to my...
  17. Out of State Crimes
    My head is spinning. I don't think I have seen a time like this. CNN reporting ANOTHER cop killed in Texas. This time in his home. Stay tuned.... http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/01/us/texas-abilene-police-officer-killed/index.html?eref=rss_topstories
  18. Out of State Crimes
    (CNN)A man shot a uniformed sheriff's deputy "execution-style" while he fueled his patrol car in the Houston area, killing him instantly, authorities said. Deputy Darren H. Goforth, 47, was returning to his car after pumping gas Friday night. The gunman walked up from behind him and opened fire...
1-18 of 119 Results