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  1. Long Island Crimes
    Michele Catalano was looking for information online about pressure cookers. Her husband, in the same time frame, was Googling backpacks. Wednesday morning, six men from a joint terrorism task force showed up at their house to see if they were terrorists. Which prompts the question: How'd the...
  2. Long Island Crimes
    Last August, three Suffolk police detectives who had helped solve some of the county's thorniest gang homicides were taken off of the federal Long Island Gang Task Force. The move, eight months into the administration of County Executive Steve Bellone, created an uproar not only among some...
  3. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    Vice President Biden has been tasked with the job of coming up with the solution. President Barack Obama will launch an administration-wide effort Wednesday to create new policies aimed at preventing another mass school shooting. Obama is tasking Vice President Joe Biden with spearheading the...
1-3 of 4 Results