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  1. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    my 9 year old water heater is leaking around the bottom. natural gas 50 gal tank. 2 1/2 bath and the usual stuff. does anyone have any experience and comments on the tank less wall mountable water heaters.
  2. Open Firearm Discussions
    "The Dogo from General Robotics is a portable, tactical combat robot. We've seen that before. The big difference is that the Dogo is armed with a 9mm Glock pistol. Dogo weighs 26 pounds and can to climb stairs and other obstacles. It trundles along at 2.5 miles an hour for at least two hours...
  3. DIY - Home Improvements - More
    Look for some advice on propane heat/tank. I looked at some other threads, but needed some specific info: I want to heat a small free-standing, uninsulated, metal roof building about the size of a large two car garage with a peaked metal roof. I use it as a workshop and just want to heat it...
  4. Pets Pets Pets
    Looking to buy a freshwater tank, preferably used approximately 55 gallons anyone have any ideas besides craigslist and eBay. Maybe someone knows someone selling one. Let me know
  5. Pets Pets Pets
    http://www.onemarinesview.com/one_marines_view/2013/03/a-dog-named-tank.html#sthash.uvUs8mTD.dpuf A long read, but a beautiful story...
  6. Generators
    Can anyone lead me to a site with specs on propane tank locations for a standby generator. Don't wanna run natural gas. Thanks, Phil ...
  7. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Maybe they'll just go away. http://www.journalism.org/2015/04/29/cable-news-fact-sheet/
  8. DIY - Home Improvements - More
    I have two 275 gallon tanks under my deck that are old and may have to be abandoned. Wondering what experiences anyone has had.
  9. Open Firearm Discussions
    Got this from The Truth About Guns Facebook page: "What you are about to watch is an actual event. Our forces filmed this in actual time."
  10. Jokes and more Jokes!
  11. DIY - Home Improvements - More
    No heat in the shop again. When it's this cold and there's no snow the heat tape can't keep up with the cold and the oil in the tank jells. Has anybody ever seen an electric blanket for an oil tank? If not, maybe I've got my million dollar idea...
  12. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    It's a standard BBQ sized tank. It is empty and the grill is gone to the curb and off to some land-clammer. Where do I get rid of this thing? Can I just take it to a scrapyard or does it require special disposal? Islip Township, if that makes a difference.
  13. Car / Truck talk
    Anyone have a idea where I can get a after market gas tank for a 2001 f 450 gas v 10. Ford wants about 1200 to 1500 for a original. Ive checked medford auto wreckers and d&d trucks yards but nothing used. Titan only makes diesel tanks. Didnt expect to pay this much...
  14. Open Firearm Discussions
    Billionaire gun control backer drops $2.5 million on Nazi tank 9/15/14| by Chris Eger The Littlefield/Collings Panzer IV that Paul Allen wants bad enough to sue for after his $2.5 million offer was turned down (Photo: Facebook ) Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder who recently chipped in...
  15. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    My folks have a small patio grill. Tank is expired. Manufacturer was no help. It's 16.4 lbs....measures 14" high. 20 lbs tank won't fit. Any ideas on where to get one locally? Thanks.
  16. 4X4 -Enjoy the offroad! / CB Radio Area
    Sick of waiting when airing my tires back up from the beach. Looking for an alternative. 7 gallon portable air tank . How many pounds would that get me in each tire before I am out. I drop tires from 40psi to 15
  17. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Now what will Obama Do? http://news.yahoo.co...-083655022.html NOVOAZOVSK, Ukraine (AP) - Two columns of Russian tanks and military vehicles fired Grad missiles at a border post in southeastern Ukraine, then rolled into the country Thursday as Ukraine's overmatched border guards fled, a top...
  18. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    yeah yeah yeah...... it ain't real.......
  19. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    My cousin who lives in Ronkonkoma found out today that their oil tank is leaking. They have heard a few scary estimates and are in a bit of a jam. Money is a factor for them but this obviously has to be fixed. Anyone know of a trustworthy repair or worst case, replacement guy? The tank is inside...
1-19 of 35 Results