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  1. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Looking to buy a supernova this week for a dedicated turkey gun. Steady grip or comfortech stock... That is the question. What you think
  2. Law Enforcement
    Hey all...I have for sale a 12 Gauge Benelli SuperNova Tactical Shotgun with Pistol Grip and Ghost RIng Sights. I purchased this shotgun back in April but I've decided to sell it and put the money towards another rifle I've got my eyes on. My asking price is $400.00 and it includes a sealed box...
  3. Pump [Shotguns]
    EXCELLENT NEWS!! I just found this on the ATI website!!!! http://www.atigunstocks.com/benelli-supernova-raven-stock Releases July 2014 - FINALLY! An American made collapsible stock for the Benelli Supernova! Shut up and take my money! For anyone with a Benelli M4, ATI now makes a whole...
  4. Chit-Chat
    Anyone else hear of this? Should be getting a little brighter for the next week or 2 hopefully, but I don't think you can see it without a telescope. I'm hoping we get some clear weather so i can show it to my kids. Links for info: http://www.skyandtel...-241477661.html...
  5. Pump [Shotguns]
    Does anyone know if a stock or forearm from a benelli M1 super 90 semi auto fit and work on a supernova? Looking into using an old surefire forearm from M1 S90 on a supernova since surefire doesn't make one supernova specific Same goes for the stocks. Thanks
  6. Pump [Shotguns]
    Anyone know who has a supernova tactical in stock? And what is the going price? Black, ghost ring sights, 18.5" barrel. Thanks!
  7. Pump [Shotguns]
    Hey all, Trying to sort out the purchases for this year. A shotgun is on the short list. I don't want a pistol grip on it at all and must be pump and affordable. I really like my friend's supernova tactical but don't want anything too tactical, i.e. pistol grip. Ghost ring sights or a red dot...
  8. Pump [Shotguns]
    Finally satisfied with my home defender. ZSM Flashlight mount and a Surefire G2X Pro.
  9. Pump [Shotguns]
    Anyone know what the difference is between the 2? Their site don't have much info and cost is about $150 more? And if you have one, how do you like? Thanks
1-10 of 10 Results