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    Superman is an admitted alien. Deportation is not practical. A wall won't help. Hot pursuit won't work for apprehension. He has an assumed name and no birth certificate. No Green Card. He writes copy for a large metropolitan newspaper. He might be a Communist plant working at a paper to...
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    Oh well...
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    more here. http://finance.yahoo...-173832022.html
  4. Law Enforcement [QUESTION]
    An Illinois 7-year-old got the surprise of his young life when Superman appeared at his front door. The superhero was portrayed by Senior Cpl. Damon Cole of the Dallas Police Department, who said he enjoys bringing Superman to community events and visits with children. In this case, he made an...
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    New York Cop Drives Car and Saves Toddler With CPR at Same Time WATCH: Brooklyn Cop Saves a Toddler's Life Brooklyn Cop Saves a Toddler's Life A hero police officer in upstate New York is credited with a toddler's dramatic rescue, thanks to his rapid response. Sgt. Patrick Hildenbrand, 35...
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    Watch him fly through 75 years. http://io9.com/watch-superman-fly-through-his-75-year-history-1564520519
1-6 of 6 Results