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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
    Besides Gunbroker. Is there anything else out there? Want to sell a few milsurp rifles and unsure of the going rate. Thanks.
  2. Optics
    I am looking to put a scope on a rem. 788 in .308. I've found plenty of options on line. 1 piece dovetail 2 piece picatinny weaver. I would imagine the one piece is more secure but have read the 2 piece allows some give for recoil and then read your scope gets the recoil. What kind of setup...
  3. Car / Truck talk
    I would like to bolt a locking tool box to the floor of my van. I figure 48"-60" would be a good length. - top lid rather than side opening - capable of holding 5 rifles. Any suggestions?
  4. Open Firearm Discussions
    With all these stories popping up about innocent gun owners having their rights violated, I'd like to get to know a good gun friendly lawyer and have him in my phone. Does anyone have a really really good one they can suggest?
  5. AR - [Rifles]
    Ordered the parts to finish my upper build... I'm only short a muzzle brake... I'm not overly concerned with function... I'm looking for a bad Butt brake My barrel is 14.5, so what ever it is needs to make it legal length. Links, pics, everything is appreciated. Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results