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  1. All Other - Open Discussions
    I'm roped into a work event that is in Killington in the first week of March. I've never been to Killington and am curious to hear some real world experiences. What can I expect? Will it be all ice/rock and gouges on the bottom of my skis?
  2. 4X4 -Enjoy the offroad! / CB Radio Area
    Did anyone see this yesterday? It was wild. 900HP Pro 4 trucks racing on a ski slope. http://www.redbull.c...ush-action-clip
  3. All Other - Open Discussions
    Ski Season is almost here, what mountains do you guys go to? Hunter is one of my favorites, turns into a classic every trip.
  4. Out Of State Licensing
    I'm going on a ski trip to vermont. Has anyone carried there or in free america before? What are your thoughts?
1-5 of 5 Results