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  1. AR Rifles
  2. Bolt Action Rifles
    The drift adjustable rear sight that comes with this rifle is pretty poor (really non adjustable for windage). Mine falls out if I try to adjust it. Does anyone have suggestions on a good replacement?
  3. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    Hey all, Looking to see if there's someone with a MGW sight pro tool or a gun smith who can install my sights on my VP9. Let me know Thank you Andrew
  4. Optics
  5. Other Rifles
    Anybody here with a Golden Boy know how the HECK I can get the front sight off it? I have a Henry Golden Boy (22 rifle)... I'm replacing the sights so that I can see a bit better. But I CANNOT get the front sight off. I've gone at it with a sight removal tool, no luck. I've gone at it with a...
  6. AK Rifles
    I know we have a few AK build gurus on here!!! I need a pair of solid pins anyone know where I can find them ??
  7. AR Rifles
    With all the new slim rails out, is it possible to shave the front sight down enough to fit one of these slim keymod rails over it? Looks like chopping the top off wouldn't be enough. Has anyone done it?
  8. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Open to anyone responsible to go duck hunting
  9. Other Rifles
    The Model 70 was surprisingly on for having been not used and bumped around for 7 years. The AR is pretty new.
  10. Pump Shotguns
    I have a HD barrel Mossberg 500 that I have wanted to install a ghost ring sight on but don't want to have to solder on the front sight ramp. Basically I want to use the Mossberg factory ghost ring set and either have someone locally do the front sight so I can assure its centered and square or...
  11. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Hey all Need help installing front sights on my m&p 40. Have a sight pusher and it's not that great. Dinged my slide a bit too. Anyone can help out?
  12. AR Rifles
    I recently order a stripped DPMS A2 upper and I'm looking for an A2 sight assembly. Have read that the A2 sight from a detachable carry handle (6/3) will fit and function in an A2 receiver but the elevation adjustments indications will not be accurate, obviously, but it will install and be a...
  13. Other Rifles
    got an XS ghost site for my Winchester 94 for fathers day. the rear sight is easy 2 screws but front sight removal they say to tap it with a brass punch left to right (the front sight is dovetailed) my question.... why a brass punch and how hard to tap it ? I don't want to damage the barrel or...
  14. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    So , I have no more room in either safe for ammo or even another gun. With that I had to put a can of ammo somewhere. What do you do when you run out of space. I guess , buy another safe.
  15. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I just ordered a set of 10-8 performance fiber optic sights, along with the apex USB for my m&p .45. I watched a few videos online of how to install, it looks like you need a vice, punches, and calipers to measure and make sure its centered. I have acces to none of those tools. I called...
  16. AK Rifles
    I had a blast last night at MF with my Saiga, but I'm really struggling with the iron sights. I want to hold off on getting a red dot or scope for now so am looking to paint the front sight in a neon color. Ideally they would sell some sort of fiber optic sights but I've only been able to find...
  17. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I have a sig P226 elite, and a Sig 1911 STX. The dual dot sights on the P226, work perfectly for me. The sights on my STX, have the single mark. I'll call it a dash, that lines up tot he front ight. If i am not mistaken, the sights on the STX are Novack sights. With my 9mm, and the dual dot...
  18. Optics
    I am planning to buy me P223 scope sometime soon, but for now, I was surfing online for rear and front Magpul MBUS Gen 2 Sight for my new AR. I see many different prices. Ebay, a set for $30 , other one a set for 49$, some single $54-59 each! I'm just scratching my head.. I would order the...
  19. Pump Shotguns
    The one with the 24" rifled barrel I just went to use mine for the first time this am and all I see is unblued metal. Did the blueing come off or was there something else there? TIA Jeff
  20. Semi-Auto Handguns
    So before I start, I did search within LIF and google for an answer to this question, but nothing was as conclusive as I wanted it to be. I want to change the sights on my G34. It currently has the stock sights with adjustable rear. My question is, if I change the front and rear sights together...
1-20 of 95 Results