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  1. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Hello all! I'm trying to buy a CMP Garand in the post Sept 4th world. I put in all my paperwork, including sending a copy of my Sportsmans Pistol Permit. I received an email from the CMP, and they can not process the sale until my permit has a "Semi Auto Rifle" addendum added to it to be...
  2. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I did my best using the search function and found good pistol gunsmiths in Nassau Co, Just wondering if anybody has a recommendation for a good pistol gunsmith in the Huntington area. I have a couple of new pistols and would like to tune up the trigger action. Camp-Site's guy does not like...
  3. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I'm planning on buying a 10/22 in the very near future, and was wondering what direction I should go in. I'm looking along the lines of something that is fun and capable of accurate plinking from the bench. That being said, is the take-down worth getting for the extra $$$ if i'm not going to...
  4. Suffolk County Ranges
    I used to go to the town range at Huntington many moons ago. At that time, you were never allowed to go semi-auto. Only 1 in the chamber at a time for rifles. I know Calverton allows you to shoot semi-auto. How about the other ranges?
  5. Semi-Auto Rifles
    I've searched & apologize in advance if you guys have been over this. I'm looking for a semi-auto rifle that's STUPID act compliant. I already have .22LR so I'm looking for something in another caliber: .223, 30/06, .308. Suggestions?
1-5 of 6 Results