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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
  2. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    i am in need of help, my mother who lives in a free state, is looking to buy a hand gun. she is 65, still has all her whits about her and is still very active. I am looking for suggestions for a hand gun and caliber. as i live in ny, and do not have much experience with handguns i leave it up...
  3. Optics
    Looking for a scope, rings & mount for a Rem 700 sps in .308 Scope Budget $500 (+/-100 or 2) Shooting 100-200 yards but would want capability up to 350-500 too. Vortex, Leupold, Nikon?? Thanks all
  4. Chit-Chat
    Which of our local retailers has the best selection on "tactical" clothing? I see from the 5.11 website there are a bunch of local dealers that are not gun shops -- some of which are in Brooklyn/Queens. Does anyone know of who has a relatively large selection to browse through?
  5. Open Firearm Discussions
    I'm in the market for a 1911. I been thinking about a kimber target stainless, kimber warrior SOC or a dan Wesson razorback heritage. I was just curious as to who has the best selection on hand of 1911s. I've been to all the shops but never looking for a 1911 so I never looked. I'm...
  6. Chit-Chat
    Can anyone recommend an excellent Carhartt retailer somewhere in central Suffolk with a decent selection of coats and jackets available? Looking for a men's traditional duck coat in navy blue.
  7. Out of State Crimes
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/james-holmes-trial/ CENTENNIAL, Co., Jan 20 (Reuters) - A judge in Colorado began the process on Tuesday of choosing the jury for the murder trial of James Holmes, the former neuroscience graduate student who killed 12 people in July 2012 at a midnight...
  8. Home Security / Safes
    It's actually time to get a good gun safe. Been to the 2 mentioned stores but would like to see a bigger selection. Anyplace local? ETA: Fireproof and about 30/30+ gun capacity.
  9. Home Security / Safes
    Selection Criteria for Buying a Safe Posted on March 25, 2014by Aaron Spuler Investing on a home safe will protect your valuables, ammo, and other important documents from burglary, flood, or fire -provided that you choose the right safe. Do not spend a fortune on a safe that does not have...
  10. Knives / Swords
    I would like to get my nephews a nice Swiss Army for Christmas. They are 7 &11. I don't know which one I want to get them, but I would actually like to feel and see them. Any suggestions?
  11. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    I'm awaiting my interview at 1PP, and am trying to decide on what pistol to get when the time comes. Still up in the air between a Glock 19, and a Ruger MK iii. Right now it's looking like it'll be the .22 I know Ruger is trying to catch up with demand, and was wondering what shops carry a...
  12. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Was in several stores today and all of them had the usual assortment of shotgun shells available. Case after case of target loads with a small selection of slugs, 00 Buck, and #4 steel shot. Anyplace around that has more than 1 or 2 brands and a better selection of shot sizes? Specifically...
  13. Chit-Chat
  14. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Feedback would be appreciated. Felt great in-store, haven't had the opportunity to shoot. Looking to buy this weekend.
  15. Bolt Action [Rifles]
    Been feeling this one around in my head fot a while. Wanna pickup a .22 Henry and maybe a .38 marlin, but I'm open to other options too. Anyone see anything particularly of note in any of our favourite local places? I would rather pickup from a local guy than do the gunbroker route and head to...
  16. Bow Hunting
    So I tested some bows this weekend and did well with a few compounds particularly the stinger. I shot tight groups and center. I also shot the bear encounter and also shot well. The one thing I don't like about the stinger is the camo it comes with. I see it is available in skullworks and...
1-16 of 17 Results