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  1. Chit-Chat
    Going soon to South Carolina soon for the annual Grif family "new homestead" scouting trip and we are considering a side stop in Charleston. Can anybody recommend some must do, must see stuff for a couple of Yankee tourists? Likely will only spend about 2 days there so I'd like to maximize...
  2. Chit-Chat
    Maybe they'll just go away. http://www.journalism.org/2015/04/29/cable-news-fact-sheet/
  3. Open Firearm Discussions
    Some good info for us older shooters... Getting Old and Still Seeing the Sights http://blog.beretta.com/getting-old-and-still-seeing-the-sights
  4. Open Shout Out!
    Driving around this morning through Islandia, hauppauge, and Ronkonkoma, I've seen at least a dozen Astorino signs on people's lawns, and a few Zeldin signs as well. ZERO Cuomo signs.
  5. Chit-Chat
    http://hardnoxandfriends.com/2014/04/21/common-cores-version-of-the-second-amendment/ Are they for real???? Sorry if this is a repost!!
  6. Open Firearm Discussions
    Just paid a visit to Buffalo Gun Center, and was completely shocked to see ammo on the shelves! TulAmmo 223 - $35 /100 (Few thousand on the shelves) PMC Bronze 223 - $45 /100 (Few thousand on the shelves) Independence/Prvi ~50-60$ /100 (forgot which was what price) Federal 900 rnd boxes for...
  7. Chit-Chat
    So I'm looking out today and it looks like it's raining down pollen all over. Little flitting floating things just raining down in my neighborhood everywhere on my property. We have lots of giant oaks in the area (Smithtown). But i go out and it's what looks like winged ants flittering about...
  8. AR - [Rifles]
    I'm seeing lowers pop up all over the place. I know there is no FFL that will transfer them I hope we come to a conclusion on the lowers soon I think the supply constraints are going to be coming under control shortly
  9. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    "I'm turning my guns in to an FBI friend, tomorrow".......Puleze!
1-9 of 9 Results