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  1. Chit-Chat
    For all you financially savvy people here..what would be a good option to start saving some money for my daughter. I dont want something specifically aimed at education. Just something I can put 10 or 20 bucks in a week. I want it to be hard enough to get to that I wouldnt touch it for just...
  2. Chit-Chat
    The tread "Sniper Vs Soccer players" reminded me of this piece. Part I Part II
  3. Chit-Chat
    200 armored vehicles and tanks are up for auction in July. See the link for details. I know I'll be raiding the piggy bank for this one http://auctionsamerica.com/events/all-lots.cfm?SaleCode=LC14
  4. Newbie's Unite!
    4 Life-Saving Tips for New Shooters Personal-defense training is big business. So how do you know what you really need? If you are new to shooting, follow these four easy-to-remember tips to keep you on track. By Jim Wilson (RSS) May 12, 2014 Personal-defense training and gear has...
  5. Reloading
    As an avid shooter of everything that goes bang, I never felt the need to save my brass until this past week. For no particular reason I decided to save my brass in case I decide to reload sometime down the road. So I went out and got myself a brass catcher and will save all of my brash. (And...
  6. Open Firearm Discussions
    Date of Youtube posting 2/12/14. Not sure if this story has aired or will air.
  7. Open Firearm Discussions
    Please excuse my typing ..Saving an endangered species. Remember when people protested about save that frog or do not let them build houses here because it will endanger a lizard or when they people protested save our trees and all the people surrounded the trees not letting them cut them down...
1-7 of 7 Results