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  1. AK Rifles
    Just like the title says. Since I Know they are no longer being imported I feel like they will see a rise in value over time. Opinions?
  2. AK Rifles
    What side mount do you recommend for my Saiga? Looking at the scope below. A direct link would be great. Thanks http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-4x-compact-prism-scope-with-the-patented-762x39300bo-acss-reticle/p/kt-pac4xak300bo/ Will take recommendations on a different optic too.
  3. AK Rifles
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a kydex or rubber cheek riser that will fit on a factory Saiga stock? Been using the type that is attached via velcro but looking for a better solution. Looking for about a 1 inch rise.
  4. AK Rifles
    So I found a Russian imported Saiga IZ 132 for sale and I want to know if it worth to buy it now or just wait till the US made one are available? As i really shouldn't be spend any money right this minute as i have to save for an upcoming vacation.
  5. Semi-Auto Rifles
    First gun I personally ever bought, and I'm more than happy with it. I Bought it at DSI If I was closer to them, they'd be my #1 stop for guns and stuff since they have a really cool inventory and really nice staff. The gun is pretty sexy and I'm excited to shoot it. Anyone have any tips...
  6. Semi-Auto Rifles
    If anyone's interested Target Sports has the Saiga 7.62 for $499 with no shipping.
  7. AK Rifles
    Well I think I figured out why I'm having such issues with the sight on my Saiga - it is shooting about 4" low. I was at MF tonight and was consistently shooting low at 30 yards. I had the target at the 7 yard line for my .45 and decided to take a few shots with the saiga. Sure enough it was...
  8. AK Rifles
    The cheapest i've found thus far is $560 5.45x39 which is the one I want the most. I have seen the bolt action 30-06 for $300, which wouldn't be bad either. I'm essentially looking for the cheapest Saiga I can find, bolt action or not. I would prefer the 5.45x39 to give it the real AK feel but...
  9. AK Rifles
    Which of these two would be the easiest or best clone for an AK 47 look alike to modify (not the parts but paint wise and stress hole wise) Also is the Chinese 56 SKS model legal or I have to get another one
  10. AK Rifles
    I had a blast last night at MF with my Saiga, but I'm really struggling with the iron sights. I want to hold off on getting a red dot or scope for now so am looking to paint the front sight in a neon color. Ideally they would sell some sort of fiber optic sights but I've only been able to find...
  11. AK Rifles
    Picked up my Saiga from Volko yesterday, the one I bought from Mace Sporting Goods. Looks pretty nice, considering its a Saiga lol. The stock, that thing needs to go! The mag looks kinda crappy as well.. Planning on heading to the range on Monday night to put a few rounds through it. As far as...
  12. Open Firearm Discussions
    Centerfire Systems (KY, big online store) new catalog is out. Link for nice PDF catalog, fun reading and some good sales. Last I checked they were still shipping ammo to NY dealers, obviously some restrictions apply. They have lots of Ruger 10/22s and Wood Saiga Hunting Rifles in 30-06 for...
  13. Vendor Deals
    We just got a shipment of Saiga IZ-132 in stock. $725.00 out the door with tax.
  14. AK Rifles
    I came across this model searching the interwebs. Is there anyone who has this handguard? Is it something I can buy? Also, this looks safe compliant. Is there a reason I can buy it? All the threads I found were from 2012.
  15. AK Rifles
    It ain't no Saiga Hunter but I like it! Got a pretty good deal ($499) for the gun, compared to most gun store's asking prices. Ended up putting on Walnut grips from Saiga Stock which were $160. After reading some reviews, I ended up going with the UTG Pro AK side mount for $48 bucks and it...
  16. AK Rifles
    Picked up my first Saiga today from Bruce at Hunters Essentials. Can't wait to get it out to the range! I got the .223 model, can anyone recommend a spot to get some mags?
  17. AK Rifles
    It seems that buying factory 10 round mags for my Saiga 7.62x39 is impossible. Everywhere I look online is sold out. My LGS had SMG mags for $25 but I want to hold off as I hear the factory mags are the best. Anyone know where I can get the factory mags at a reasonable price?
  18. AK Rifles
    I've read threads here saying that this Saiga is NY SAFE compliant, others stating that some FFLs won't touch it. What's the final word? I always wanted an AK but missed the chance. I like the idea of the 7.62x39 ammo but also wondering if I will be able to still buy it at Walmart (Russian...
  19. Semi-Auto Shotguns
    Long story short did my friend a favor (before safe act) and bought a gun from his deceased father collection wasnt a good deal and didnt partucularly like the saiga 12 in bullpup but they needed the money. I want to get it back to original configuration dors anyone know where i can buy the...
1-19 of 125 Results