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  1. Vendor Deals
    Many Winchester & Browning Safes In-Stock & Ready For Immediate Pickup Or Delivery!!
  2. Home Security / Safes
    I am in the market for a pistol safe. I wanted to do some thorough research before making a mistake. The attached article, although a couple of years old, is still very relevant. This is particularly important if you have children or grandchildren who may be in the vicinity of a pistol safe...
  3. Home Security / Safes
    Does anyone know where to get a good deal on a steel safe? Since I got the new Savage, I need a bigger safe. I am looking for one about 55 hi x 15-16 wide by 10-14 deep. I'm not looking to spend a lot. Any inför would be appreciated. Nazz315430
  4. Home Security / Safes
    Wondering what members think is the best gun safe --- under $1,000 and over $1,000? Size approx 60x30x25 Any recommendations for honest gun safe dealers on LI? Any comments regarding Liberty safes? Thanks for any input.
  5. Home Security / Safes
    It's actually time to get a good gun safe. Been to the 2 mentioned stores but would like to see a bigger selection. Anyplace local? ETA: Fireproof and about 30/30+ gun capacity.
  6. Home Security / Safes
    I was wondering if anyone has stored rifles in a gun safe in hard or soft gun cases. I recenty acquired a large safe and want to put longarms inside but don't want to bother with making gun racks/dividers, etc. I just want to label the cases and put them in there, also so they don't get...
  7. Home Security / Safes
    Ok, Looking to finally get a gun safe/vault. I have one rifle and 3 handguns. want it to hold them, ammo and maybe some valuables. I am leaning towards a Liberty Model, maybe the explorer 17 or revolution 18. Any Ideas? Thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Home Security / Safes
    Lots of good info and videos here... Gun Safes Guide - How to Choose a Gun Safe http://www.opticsplanet.com/howto/how-to-gun-safe-guide.html
  9. Home Security / Safes
    I am curious to know if most of you store your ammunition in your gun safe, or in another secure location? I was discussing this subject recently, the debate was regarding if storing all your ammo inside a safe in effect made it similar to a bomb (explosive inside a small space with something...
  10. Home Security / Safes
    I saw several nice 24 gun safes at Commack Costco last night. Sorry, can't remember the brand name, but they looked pretty solid, couldn't move them so they probably weighed over 400lbs and had an electronic keyboard lock. I thought the price was OK and $100 or so lower than what I was seeing at...
  11. Home Security / Safes
    Sorry the original post was blank. In preview the video came up. Go to You Tube, enter on search line: gun safes click on: Gun Safes "The Truth" by weaponseducation this is site, hope it shows in post
  12. Home Security / Safes
    Anyone have an opinion on these types of safes? http://www.shopbarska.com/Safes-Quick_Access_Biometric_Rifle_Safe_by_Barska.html?gclid=CJrdvfKHkbUCFQSf4Aod7AwAdg Thx.
  13. Home Security / Safes
    Any input, experience or thoughts on the Steelwater safes? http://www.steelwatergunsafes.com I am considering one of their 550 pound models. Also torn between the electronic lock or the traditional dial lock. Thank you in advance for your input.
  14. Vendor Deals
    Two more safes to add to the sale. Republic 6030 (size) 8 guage body 1/4" plate door one active one passive relocker S&G group 2 dial (UL listed) (digital amsec/Laguard upgrade available) 1 hour fire 1250 deg F 690lbs PDO door organizer Reserve 6039 (size) 10 guage body 8 guage door 1hr...
  15. Vendor Deals
    Now through december 21st 20% off all instock gunsafes for LIF members. -Wilson -Hollon -Amsec 15% off in stock pistol packers -Permavault -Amsec Suffolk County Locksmith 4629 sunrise hwy Bohemia 944-d Montauk hwy Shirley 631-589-8415 631-395-2800
  16. Home Security / Safes
    Looking for a new safe. Any one here use this manufacturer? LG
1-16 of 17 Results