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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
    Not for the squeamish. A ND with a 9mm passed through the hand of the guy responsible for the ND and then through the thigh of his friend. Here's video of the friend on day 4 after getting shot with a nurse/wound care specialist removing the packing from the entry and exit holes. Dem some big...
  2. Long Island Crimes
    A 25-year-old Hicksville man faces illegal gun charges after police said his friend picked up the man's shotgun and accidentally shot him in the leg in late January. According to authorities Michael Schmeltzer was in his Halsey Avenue bedroom with a friend on Jan. 22 when the friend picked up a...
  3. Bow Hunting
    well was up on the 7th of Nov: in Hancock n.y hunting sat: sun: and Monday Morning now much movement in the woods did not see a deer.I was out of the woods Monday about 10:30 Am and got a call from my granddaughter to put here archery target back in the garage she left out over the weekend.I was...
  4. Reloading
    So I was headed up to western Pa for some trail riding and camping on my motorcycle this weekend, not thinking that I would pass by cabellas as it was not on my mind. It was about 90 degrees out and I saw the sign at exit 28 in Hamburg. I was at exit 20. I needed some ac a cold drink and a snack...
  5. Long Island Crimes
    Other than Snooze12 giving play by play updates on the funerals for the 4 poor women who lost their lives in that limo wreck, I dont seem to be hearing much about it. How long could it possibly take for the BAC results to come back?
  6. Chit-Chat
    More of our money gone up in smoke thanks to Herr Cuomo. $211 million bucks gone with nothing to show...I wonder whose kids got good jobs because of this? http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/may/11/audit-says-211m-ny-ad-campaign-shows-no-tangible-r/
  7. NY Specific Discussions
    Rhoads beat Kestenbaum. Numbers I have are 3174 to 2343 Minor update. New numbers are 3269-2329. Should be confirmed shortly.
  8. NYC and NY State Crimes
    Giggity........ A 17-year-old Staten Island girl reportedly hit a fellow student at South Richmond High School with a metal stool after becoming outraged that he farted near her. The 15-year-old boy needed eight stitches. While we admire anybody willing to stand up for their nasal rights, a...
  9. DIY - Home Improvements - More
    Last year, in December, I painted my garage floor. Having never done this before, and reading all the stories about bad results, I read up on it. After reading about it, I thoroughly etched the floor. I brought the nasty chemicals at HD, and scrubbed **** out of the floor. Then hosed it off...
  10. Out of State Crimes
    CNN reporting Ferguson PD preps for grand jury results.
  11. Open Shout Out!
    House Election (Zeldin's [and others] results) http://www.politico....k/#.VFjfE_nF9tg Governor (Astorino's results) http://www.politico....k/#.VFjfYPnF9tg Statewide Races GOVERNOR Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D, WF, WE, I) | governor.ny.gov The 56-year-old Mount Kisco resident, who is running...
  12. Competition Corner
    Hey folks, we all appreciate the quick access to match scores that the links provide, but some people have expressed a concern with putting their full name out there for the world to see. If the are posted somewhere other than the usual place that's used for USPSA scores, let me know, and I...
  13. NY Specific Discussions
    Got this emailed to me this morning from NYSRPA http://www.newsday.com/news/region-state/tougher-new-york-gun-law-results-in-1-146-felony-charges-1.6688698
  14. Chit-Chat
    For those who have an interest, you can get updated results every 10 minutes here: http://electionresults.virginia.gov/resultsSW.aspx?type=SWR&map=CTY Poll tracking was not available until 7pm, so the results are virtually meaningless this early, but Cuccinelli holds a majority lead with ~20%...
  15. Law Enforcement [QUESTION]
    Anyone hear anything that took the test back in dec?
  16. Upcoming L.I. Matches
    The scores are in... Here's a link to the page... You can see the individual stages if you like... Thank you again to LIPSA for hosting these awesome events Production = pistols Limited = rifle https://www.practiscore.com//match-results/uuid?uuid=DEB86240-7A92-46A5-8454-C73BF3297573
  17. Open Firearm Discussions
    Did anyone go down there this weekend?
1-18 of 23 Results