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  1. Long Island Crimes
  2. Out of State Crimes
    http://www.ksat.com/news/bcso-responding-to-shooting-at-lackland-air-force-base Live feed:
  3. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Sounds like it was the one posted in this earlier LIF thread: http://www.longislan...age__hl__rabies http://patch.com/new...nassau-county-0 Rabid Raccoon Reported in Nassau County This is the first report of a rabid raccoon in Nassau County since 2007. The New York State Department of Health...
  4. Out of State Crimes
    http://news.yahoo.com/active-shooter-reported-naval-medical-center-san-diego-163727179.html #BREAKING: Active shooter reported at Naval Medical Center San Diegohttps://t.co/C3q71xBp51 pic.twitter.com/1PgEvBkTof- KTLA (@KTLA) January 26, 2016 SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - An active shooter was reported...
  5. Long Island Crimes
    http://patch.com/new-york/sachem/robbery-reported-chase-bank-holbrook-0?utm_source=article-mostrecent&utm_medium=rss&utm_term=police%20&%20fire&utm_campaign=recirc&utm_content=aol Police are on the scene of a reported bank robbery in Holbrook. Police say a 911 call came in at 1:22 p.m. from...
  6. Long Island Crimes
    Good morning, I heard about this on my way out of the house this morning. Seems there are more and more gas stations getting held up. This is concerning since I was at this place last night only hours before this happened. Seems to be a trend. Did they ever catch those guys who shot the gas...
  7. Out of State Crimes
    Tune in to Fox News. There has been school shooting in a school north of Seattle. Apparently, the shooter killed himself. Several injured.
  8. Out of State Crimes
    The world we live in now...... http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/09/18/australia-terror-raid-prompted-by-isis-plans-for-public-killing-pm-says/ Australian counterterrorism forces detained 15 people Thursday in a series of suburban raids after receiving intelligence that the Islamic State...
  9. Out of State Crimes
    http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/fire-rescue/five-reported-dead-northeast-las-vegas-police-ambush Seems like a planned shooting, good to know a CCW holder helped out.
  10. Out of State Crimes
    Fox is reporting that multiple high school students are stabbed at a Pennsylvania HS New report: Looks like reports now are a single student stabed multi time
  11. Out of State Crimes
    Fox new live as well as most major...developing. http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Los-Angeles-Airport-LAX-Shooting-230220201.html http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/11/01/watch-live-shots-fired-at-lax-passengers-evacuated-to-tarmac/
  12. Out of State Crimes
    Military-type vehicle with mounted gun reported on Mich. streets SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MICH. - A man was arrested in Macomb County by police responding to reports of a vehicle with a mounted machine gun driving around late at night. The armor-plated military-type vehicle featured a modified...
  13. Out of State Crimes
    Houston Bush Airport Shooting Reported, One Dead [Breaking] Multiple reports of shots fired at Houston Bush Airport have been sighted on Twitter, but scant details have emerged about the incident thus far. A local news source reports that the shots fired at Houston Bush Airport have been...
  14. Long Island Crimes
    Just saw this. If you have kids in school be watchful! http://abclocal.go.c...land&id=9083206 Luring incidents reported in Nassau County MERRICK (WABC) -- Police on Long Island are beefing up patrols after several attempted lurings were reported in two Nassau County communities. Residents...
  15. Law Enforcement [QUESTION]
    So yesterday my car got towed in Brooklyn with my FD placard in the window by some Internal-Affairs douchebag looking to hang some city MOS that day. The place I've been parking near my medical office for years is not a tow-away zone but apparently they wanted to prove a point. But it wasn't...
  16. Open Firearm Discussions
    It's started already! Be on Alert!...load em up guys and be ready to protect! http://www.longislan...rted-in-1-week/ http://patchogue.patch.com/police-fire
1-17 of 19 Results