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  1. Semi-Auto Handguns
  2. Semi-Auto Rifles
    So recently I've been looking into the 1022 takedown, all but actually purchased it as of yet. Biggest worry comes from the size of the stock. Can anyone point me in the direction of a longer stock that would be a little more comfortable for a bigger guy so I can pick up the td without having to...
  3. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Hi Guys, I'm having trouble with my Ruger Mark III properly feeding Remington Golden Bullet ammo. The gun eats everything I feed it except the bucket of Golden Bullet (1400 rounds hollow point). It seems to jam and fails to feed about one in 20 rounds. Once I free the round it appears to...
  4. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    I have been experiencing issues with Adobe Flash that last few years. I heard Kim Komando recommending uninstalling it on the radio this morning. Apparently she confirms what I suspected - it is constantly used by hackers to introduce viruses and malware. So what ix the best replacement video...
  5. Semi-Auto Handguns
    i am waiting on my g20 to come on from campsite. i would like to get a fully supported barrel. i was thinking of the kkm. they have a option for a compensator. anyone have experience with one
  6. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    I didn't want to invade the previous post. I have either a mark (uncleanable, hard to see) on the camera lens or a defective camera on my Galaxy S5 Active phone. Does anyone know a good mail-in service or a parts supplier (youtube has plenty of videos) for phone repairs and parts?
  7. Car / Truck talk
    I need to replace a lost key for a '05 Honda CR-V (Remote in head of key) Got a quote from a local locksmith for $179!!! Any suggestions?
  8. Semi-Auto Handguns
    i would like to replace my barrel on my glock 41 so i can shoot lead bullets. this will be a competition gun uspsa. what brand of barrel do you recommend
  9. Home Security / Safes
    Anybody know of any local stores that carry the replacement 6v battery for the alarm panel? My parents ordered one off of amazon and it hasn't moved from the post office since May 5th and there getting tired of it beeping every 4 hours.
  10. Open Firearm Discussions
    It's a little outdated but interesting to see what the firearm companies thought good ideas where back then. The H&K rifles magazine. That thing is looks like a PITA to carry and load. 25 years later and the military is still using the m16 platform. The ammunition they came up with was pretty cool.
  11. Car / Truck talk
    My daughter lost a key to the jeep and the dealer wants almost $300 to replace and program a new one. Anyone know where I might be able to get one cheaper?
  12. AK Rifles
    I had a Midwest Industries quad rail on my Saiga 7.62 with a Kalishnakov sniper stock which rendered it an assault weapon. So inspired by Destro's build I ordered replacement furniture from Saigastock.com. I am changing it out to a Zombie Hunter edition. I got the stock mounted and when I...
  13. Bolt Action Rifles
    Boyds Introduces Replacement Stocks for Ruger American by Richard Johnson Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks is now selling replacement stocks for the Ruger American Rifle. These maple and walnut stocks are available in two different styles with a range of laminate options. The Classic design has a...
  14. AK Rifles
    I need some help on where I can get a replacement sight for my AK47. The hexhead screw that secures the slide part of the sight somehow became stripped and can't be removed. I've already checked most of the sights and I can't for the life of me find the part I need. Any suggestions would be...
  15. Car / Truck talk
    Anyone have a idea where I can get a after market gas tank for a 2001 f 450 gas v 10. Ford wants about 1200 to 1500 for a original. Ive checked medford auto wreckers and d&d trucks yards but nothing used. Titan only makes diesel tanks. Didnt expect to pay this much...
  16. Semi-Auto Rifles
    Is there anywhere on the Island that you can purchase an original SKS stock? I know plenty of shops are selling the rifles. Anyone have one? I want a standard wood stock. No aftermarket.
  17. DIY Projects and Builds
    Trying to salvage an old Marlin 80. Bolt and stock are good. The receiver has some rust but salvageable. The barrel bore is destroyed. I was able to remove the barrel from the receiver. I see some barrels online. My issue is there are so many Marlin model 80 variants, curious if anyone...
  18. Digital Connection (computers / phones / tablets)
    iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program Apple has determined that a very small percentage of iPhone 5 devices may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently. The affected iPhone 5 devices were sold between September 2012 and January 2013 and fall within a...
1-18 of 40 Results