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  1. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    I'm renewing a NC business carry and there was one question I had to answer, honestly of course. " Was anyone in your household on parole or probation?" It seems the lad, my son, is on probation for a DWI. Do you think it will affect my renewal?
  2. Nassau County Ranges
    I was hoping there was someone here that actually works there who can help me out. I sent in my renewal in January. My chick got hers weeks ago. Anyone?
  3. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    I just received my Nassau County Renewal Application, and this is the first one that I have received where I have an online option. In years past, I would just fill out the paper app, and bring it down to Franklin Ave. This is the first time that I have to answer "yes" to one of the "within the...
  4. Nassau County Ranges
    Guys I did not receive my renewal membership letter this year. I left a message on the web site a month ago and no one has contacted me. Anyone know who I can call or contact. Thanks
  5. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    There's talk about raising the renewal fee from $10 to $200. Call your Suffolk Co. reps before you go out to vote & see where they stand. Right now it's every 5 years. They want to reduce the time between renewals too. And for Gods sake get out there & vote pro 2nd. Amendment. Voting...
  6. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I'm doing my renewal and see there is an option called "Old CW licenses". What is that?
  7. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I just received a letter of conditional approval for my PL renewal. It states that I must go to the PLB to be issued my new PL & receive the most recent handbook. I don't understand why they just can't mail them like they did my initial license.
  8. NYS and NYC Licensing/Laws Discussions
    Hey gang......got my renewal in he mail. Have to include a 1 1/2 inch picture. Where does one get a picture......I don't think those photo booths are around anymore
  9. Out Of State Licensing
    My license in CT expires in October. Like clockwork, the renewal form shows up in the mail yesterday. I write the check, get the renewal notarized, and mail it back late today. Will be curious to see how long it takes. Stay tuned.
  10. Out Of State Licensing
    My wife and I were I Lancaster for a show at sight and sound theatre, my Pa. License was expiring in a month. The plan was for us was the next day to go to Centre County and renew in person for the photo. I figured since we were in Lancaster Pa., I'd called the Lancaster sheriff for replacing...
  11. NYS and NYC Licensing/Laws Discussions
    I live in a "renewable" licensing area-Nassau County. I have a question concerning the "re-certification" of "upstate" licenses. There was a case where a licensee possessed a "lifetime" license that was unrestricted. He amended his license several times, adding or deleting pistols without a...
  12. Site Help and Suggestions
    Can someone hyperlink me to where I can pay for 2015 dues please. I searched unsuccessfully... Thanks in advance..
  13. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    So like a dumbass I allowed my license to expire....18 months ago. In my defence we had just had a baby born prematurely, so my mind was elsewhere. I don't currently own any pistols, so I am not "in non-compliance". What are the chances that they will let me simply renew without going through...
  14. NY Specific Discussions
    New York Sheriff On Handgun Renewal Permits, 'Throw Them In The Garbage Because That Is Where They Belong.' Fulton County, N.Y. is home to a strong hunting and fishing tradition. Guns are everywhere, but life isn't easy. Temperatures are often well below zero, and snow piles drift up so high...
  15. Out Of State Licensing
    Well, got my renewal notice from the good Centre County and need to do the long drive to renew, what a 4.5 hr drive from SC ? Plan to go Dec 23
  16. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    So what has been people's reactions to the new online pistol license form? It now makes you list any and all prescription medications that you've taken in the last 5 years. When I first went for my license, it only asked about narcotics. Now they want to know everything and it's perjury if you...
  17. Law Enforcement
    Anyone going to the Freeport Range renewal night tomorrow? I'm going, have to renew my partner and I's membership. Did it once through the mail and they never deposited my check and I never got my card (this was before the new guy took charge), so I go every year now. Anyone know the times ...
  18. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Yesterday my self and my brother, made the trip to Centre County Pa. to renew our non resident LTCF. I cant say enough good things about the people who work at the Centre cty sheriffs dept. Arrived there at 8:35 a.m.   Back in my truck at 9:15 A.M. with our licenses in hand. 40 Minutes, and $20...
  19. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I was just informed that speeding tickets have to be reported to the SCPD PLB within 10 days. Failure to do so one will risk a suspension at the time of renewal and may cause a hearing. Is this true?
1-19 of 57 Results