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  1. Pump Shotguns
    Thinking of refinishing my Model 12 . 12 gauge, 2 3/4 Pro's vs con's value wise. My FFL suggested not to but would like to some further insight. Don't really see any high end value . It is pre 64 and most I see are in the $ 3 - 500 range. I am not selling it but do I leave it in it's original...
  2. Open Firearm Discussions
    Does anyone know a gunsmith that does Duracoat finishes for rifles? I've been having trouble finding a gunsmith on Long Island that does.
  3. Knives / Swords
    Cold Steel produces fine hickory handled steel tomahawks (available for purchase online) and these basic models have gained a cult following among preppers/survivalists etc. for a "blank" to customize. The following are some hawks I customized: Norse Hawk (factory config) Custom Refinished...
  4. AR Rifles
    I bought a couple of used metal mags and I wanted to take them apart and refinish them. What type of finishes are out there that I can do myself? I saw a product called Perma Slik which is a dry graphite coating. Anyone use something like this? Any other options? My goal is to just refinish...
  5. AR Rifles
    CRUSADER AR-15 REFINISHING PROJECT Duracoat, Krylon, Custom Parts. Bull Barrel Slick Side, Ban State Compliant, Nikon M-223 1-4x20 --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Reloading, firing again, reloading firing again, while screaming Allahu Akbar!" -Victim...
  6. AK Rifles
    Saiga Rife .223 "Metallic" - Metallic Olive Drab DuraCoat Refinishing (custom DuraCoat blend, PM me for recipe) - Tapco Galil Handguard - Saiga sharkfin stock, cut to length, rubber buttpad, zombie down stencil. - coming soon: Romanian AKM wood laminate stock with AR spur (will be updated) -...
  7. Handguns
    Hi guy's wanted to know if anyone knows any place on the Island where I can have my glock slide refinished. I checked online and there a lot of places, but have to mail it in. I called 1 police plaza and they said I can't sent the slide on my own and have to take it to a gun store and have...
  8. Pump Shotguns
    In continuing with my "getting back to guns" posts, this is another refinishing project from my personal collection (last post was the Custom Saiga Rifle , next up should be the "Crusader" AR-15).... OD Boomstick Model: Mossberg 500 Persuader 20" 7+1, 12 gauge. Paint Job: Magpul OD DuraCoat...
  9. Revolvers Handguns
    I plan on sending out my 4" Colt Python for either a Bright polished Nickel or Master Blue. I hear good things about Ford's Refinishing. I have used my Colt Python on a few deer hunts in rain and snow and the Royal Blue has some normal holster wear. It should come out like New !
  10. AK Rifles
    So in an attempt to get back to guns (and get away from political BS or threads of how [email protected]$$ I am), I'm starting a picture post series of refinishing jobs from my personal collection. We'll start of with a popular ban state long gun, the Russian Saiga rifle, basically a NY compliant AK. I must...
  11. DIY Projects and Builds
  12. DIY Projects and Builds
    Just picked up a cheap Bersa Thunder. Finish appears to have some wear on the slide. Will go through my options to refinish, but if I go with dura-coating, is there any restrictions on the color? I think it was only NYC that had the restriction, but just wanted to make sure.
  13. Bolt Action Rifles
    So I need some input... With the meet coming up in June, when I win the rifle trophy, I want my $5.00 baby to shine(literally)! I took her all apart, degreased the hell out of it. Have the action a light sanding to smooth it out, polished all the internals, broke down the bolt and gave that...
  14. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    Well I have a colt series 80 , great shooter but a little banged up, paint is bad , idiot scratches, etc.  So I  am going to refinish it. But not sure  what , tossed between duracoat and  cold blue.  So far I stripped the gun completely and took the the slide completely down to metal and a...
  15. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    Anyone know of a refinisher local (duracoat, cerakote, ect.)
  16. Open Firearm Discussions
    Does anyone know a place on the Island other than orion7 that does parkerizing?
  17. Rifles
    Anyone have a local source for dry moly lube? I want to refinish some very worn AR mags. Thanks, Ken
  18. Other Rifles
    My brother-in-law has a 30-30 lever action. He says it's pre-war and in tough shape. He wants to know who'd be good at reblueing and refinishing the stock to put it back in out-of-the-box (or nearly) condidtion. I haven't seen the gun yet so I don't know the manufacturer or model...but I'll...
1-18 of 18 Results