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  1. Semi-Auto Handguns
    The Colt Dual Spring Recoil System™ increases recoil spring service life to 15,000 rounds and results in a softer-shooting 1911. When the original 1911 Colt .45 ACP pistol was adopted by the U.S. Military in 1911 the service life of the pistol was considered to be 6,000 rounds. This was...
  2. AR Rifles
    Had the new AR out to the range again today and it runs great. Much better than myself! When I was cleaning/lubricating it and I noticed dents/dings in the recoil buffer face and was wondering if that is typical or not. If it is not typical what can I do to fix it? A picture of the dents is...
  3. Semi-Auto Shotguns
    Which size TSA recoil pad should I get for my Franchi Intensity Sporting. The original pad size works well. I just would like more recoil dampening and I like the gel insert.
  4. Reloading
    So I have been reloading .308 Win for a while now and want to work up a low recoil round for my father( he has had multiple shoulder surgeries and can't take the recoil to well.). I am planning on using 125 gr bullets. The only powders I have right now are 4064 and unique. I would like to stick...
  5. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Anyone have an extra Sig 226 9mm recoil spring (15 lb) to sell or I can replace it next week. I broke (severely deformed) one some time on Sunday and ordered a few from Sig the same night. Called monday morning around 10 to make sure the order went in and C/S told me it was already shipped...
  6. Reloading
    I went on hogdons loading data they had 5.5 grains of titegroup on a lead 240 grain bullet. Anyone ever tried it or use a similar load. I have titegroup powder and coated 240 grain cast bullets. Just looking for a very lite recoil plinking target round.
  7. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I have been looking all over for buffer spring recoil pads for my sig P226. Does anyone have any idea where I can find them? I have been looking all over. I have them for my 1911, but can't find any for my 9mm sig. Nazza315430
  8. Semi-Auto Handguns
    My father has a colt gold cup with anywhere from 2000-3000 rounds through it. Last weekend he had multiple failures to feed. These are reloaded 200gr extreme swc loaded the same length I always make them (off hand I don't recall the size) but we never had problems before and they were fine in my...
  9. AK Rifles
    The shooting with no recoil spring looks a little dangerous to me. But I guess if you have too. Towards the end of the video when he says, "finally..." I though he was going to who shooting the AK with no bolt carrier, LOL! Don't ask me how..
  10. Open Firearm Discussions
    I have to admit, I took a loooong hiatus from shooting. The stars have finally aligned for me to get back into shooting and I am faced with my nemesis - fear of recoil. I really want to shoot skeet and trap. My shotgun has been a safe queen reserved for home defense. It is time to put Miss Mossy...
  11. Gun Stores & Gunsmiths
    Need someone good that will install a recoil system on an Franchi Instinct SL. I was going to go for a slip on but I think this might be a bit better.
  12. Milsurp Rifles
    Can anyone point me in the direction of getting a new recoil lug assembly for my SKS. I am sanding down and refinishing the stock. Numrich is sold out and everything i see on google is out or don't carry it. THANKS
  13. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Anybody use 1911 slide recoil buffers? Opinions, etc.
  14. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    Chris Fry at the MDTS Practical Shotgun Skills 1 Class at Westhampton Beach, NY showed a pretty striking demonstration of Federal Flight Control LE132 Low-Recoil #00 Buckshot as compared to other #00 Buck loads. It sure convinced me that the Remingtom #00 Buck that I was using was nowhere near...
  15. Open Firearm Discussions
    OK, so I'm reading about 40 S&W vs 45 ACP recoil. Yes, I know, I should just go shoot and see. I'll take a Saturday and go rent each and see what the difference is. BUT, I thought I'd ask. I read that 40 S&W recoil is snappier and there's more barrel flip than 45 ACP. It also said the 45 ACP...
  16. Pump Shotguns
    Can anyone recommend a reduced recoil tactical stock for a 12 gauge Mossberg 500 persuader? I have seen some from ATI and Phoenix online, but I have no experience with using them and am interested in some feedback before I pick one up.
  17. Semi-Auto Shotguns
    Just wondering if there is video or something showing how the Benelli comfortech stock versus another and how much felt recoil it actually reduces,,
  18. Semi-Auto Handguns
    I find the recoil on the Ruger LC9 ( 9MM ) to be manageable. However, when I get up to around 70 rounds or so, I do get some pain in the web of my hand . There is a red mark in my web for quite a while afterwards. I can still shoot, but for spending an hour at the range and putting through 70 or...
  19. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    was at B&N today, looking to buy RECOIL. Didn't see any. Haven't seen it in awhile and now wonder if it's still being published. Any one know ?
  20. Milsurp Rifles
    Hey guys.. For years I have been just grinning and bearing the hickies my sweet Russian carbine would leave on my shoulder. I just would consider it a badge of honor and part of the Mosin experience. As things are now I will probably be using my Mosins more and have been thinking about my...
1-20 of 27 Results