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  1. AR - [Rifles]
    I want to buy a reciever and was researching were to have it shipped. I called Volko and kwak in Bellmore and they don't do recievers. Jerry's,DSI and PJ is to far. It seems like most other gun shops charge lots of money. Where could I go near me for under 30 dollars? Southwest nassau. What does...
  2. AR - [Rifles]
    Looks like an interesting concept for NY compliant AR's. http://www.ar15.com/...wer_update.html
  3. AR - [Rifles]
    It's nice to see these again I love the snake design . For me it's like getting back to the roots of AR's with everyone and their brothers making lowers now it's nice to get back to the basic's - the 223/556 round is and awesome round and still is a good value for plinking and hunting and with...
  4. AK - [Rifles]
    I lost most of my power tools, socket sets, drill bits, car jacks, 12 ton press anything heavy that was on my garage floor or shelves lower then three feet etc. do to Super storm Sandy's waters. I literally had clumps of tools rusted together, not to mention 2000 rusted rounds of 7.62 x 39. Now...
  5. AK - [Rifles]
    OK homebuilders, i need some advice. I have been collecting parts for my ak project for over 2 years now and with the exeption of a magazeen was almost compleate as of two months ago (oops no mags anywhere). Im ready to go further at this point, however the project may happen in a more gun...
  6. AR - [Rifles]
    Does anyone know if this is any good? http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-amp-action-parts/receivers/lower-receivers/stripped-ar-15-lower-receiver-sku100011386-55099-113161.aspx I just ordered the preorder I was just planning on waiting until they could send it to start my new build...
  7. AR - [Rifles]
    I have noticed a lot of people painting the rollmarks on their lower receivers. I like the look and how it makes it stand out. How are people doing it and what type of paint are you using? I am up to giving it a try but I don't want to make a complete mess of my rifle. See below for example.
1-7 of 8 Results