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  1. Open Firearm Discussions
    Hi all, I know no 'public' ranges on the island allow you to shoot at steel targets. I just did the LIPSA Steel Shootout this past weekend, and the RO's were right, I never want to shoot at a paper target again. I inquired about joining LIPSA and I plan to look further into it. In the...
  2. Suffolk County Ranges
    Hey Everyone, I am new to the forum- it looks like a great place to get some info and gain some experience. Just looking for some recommendations on handgun ranges. Did some research online and most of them get very mixed reviews. Thanks in advance!
  3. Open Firearm Discussions
    Anyone know any 500m or yards + public ranges within driving distant from NY? I been to some in Florida, but want to find one within driving distant.
  4. Suffolk County Ranges
    Besides Calverton, are there any ranges in central to western Suffolk that are open on Mondays and Tuesdays? Looking to shoot rifle, outdoor preferably, 50 to 100 yards.
  5. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://www.guns.com/2016/02/27/florida-bans-backyard-gun-ranges/ Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a measure Wednesday that bans backyard gun ranges in the Gunshine State. The one-page bill, SB 130, prohibits the recreational discharge of a firearm in certain residential areas, specifically in...
  6. Suffolk County Ranges
    Are all ranges in Suffolk county open President's Day, or some closed?
  7. Open Firearm Discussions
    I need to sight my savage 220 in by the weekend and need a range with atleast 50 yards that's open somewhat late so I can go quick after work. Any that you know of that are open somewhat late ?
  8. Suffolk County Ranges
    Are both Calverton and Yaphank open at normal hours tomorrow??
  9. Suffolk County Ranges
    Are there any 24 hour ranges on Long Island? I'm trying to shoot now and the Nassau range is closed. Thanks guys
  10. All Other Ranges
    I am driving to cabelas in Hamburg PA tomorrow morning. Might pick up something new, not sure yet. Does anyone know of any Ranges around there or on the way back I can stop by at to try a new toy at? Also if anyone has any route sugustions from north shore of Nassau, i would appreciate it
  11. All Other Ranges
    Hi guys! I am off to FL for a week. Can anyone recommend a range in the Daytona/Ormond Beach area? Thanks!
  12. All Other Ranges
    Just curious for future reference... My wife and I are upstate in Dutchess county (Wappingers Falls/Beacon/Fishkill area) visiting friends this weekend. Both friends have licenses, but have not gone out to shoot locally or nearly enough in general. Does anyone know of any public ranges that...
  13. All Other Ranges
    I'll be up in the mountains this weekend and will probably be bored to death with the in laws. I'll be in the Fallsburg - Woodbourne area. Any good trap ranges up there?
  14. All Other Ranges
    Can anyone recommend a gun range in Poconos/ Lake wallenpaupak area? Ill be there July 4-5 and would like to bring my dad and brother along to do some shooting. They have both been dying to try out my DS-15. My dad was an active shooter back when he lived in California about 27 years ago and...
  15. Suffolk County Ranges
    Hello Long Island firearms, I recently received my pistol liscense after a 6 month wait (riverhead). It was a little long but dealing with the pistol bureau was a easy and pleasant experience all in all, now that I have my liscense I've purchased a glock 42, 380 and a glock 19, 9mm. So far I've...
  16. All Other Ranges
    What is the legal age for a child to shoot rifle and pistol at LI ranges with adult supervision? Also, amazing that a child can shoot a pistol with a licensed adult supervising... but an adult can't. SMH.
  17. All Other Ranges
    Pennsylvania is ranked number 31 in a 2014 list of the best states for gun owners compiled by Guns and Ammo. "Pennsylvania has a deeply rooted hunting culture and one of the highest numbers of NRA members in the nation." Here are six spots for firearms and pistol practice in the state of...
  18. All Other Ranges
    I know Calverton will sometimes setup shooting out to 200 yards, but does anyone know of any long range, rifle ranges within a day trip driving distance of Suffolk county? I'm talking about a range that has 300, 400+ yards points, within a 2 - 3 hour driving distance. I'm thinking NYS, but...
  19. All Other Ranges
    We may be taking an unscheduled trip to Orlando. Anyone have any intel on area ranges? My son, who just bought his house there, is interested in something for HD. He doesn't know if it will be a handgun or a shorty. I figured as part if the trip I could take him and his wife out shooting to...
1-19 of 67 Results