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  1. Lifestyles / Hobbies
    Three band members, playing live - no where to hide.... Resistance - MUSE Cover - The Warning Enter Sandman - METALLICA Cover - The Warning
  2. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Yay. My wife received her pistol license in the mail today. Timeline: Application submitted to PLB 10-29-2013 Interview 6-10-2014 License received 7-15-2014 Time to go shopping. We need something new in the small but growing collection.
  3. Veterans and Military
    Ok, because I guess not everything is under government control they come up with this. I'm happy to know there are not more important things to be concerned with in a combat theater. I wonder if the enforcement team has been furloughed or not...
  4. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
  5. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    I picked up a new 1911 on Saturday. I left work in the city early to get to NCPD to register it tonight. I got there at about 6pm. When I walked up to the door the officer called me in and said "You should buy a lottery ticket on your way home, today's you're lucky day." Huh? There wasn't a soul...
1-6 of 6 Results