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  1. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Hey, I submitted my application to the SCPD PLB on 4/20/16 and since then have had no contact from them. When I dropped my application off the Officer at the desk had notified me of the increased volume and wait times for permits so I have been patiently waiting but 5 months and no Interview...
  2. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    My wife has her interview next week. I know it's certified check or money order only. Does anyone know the exact amount?
  3. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Submitted my application Dec 2nd, Check cashed around the 10th. No call for an interview as yet (feb 23), figured I'd better call in - which is what their instructions say. Called this afternoon. Very polite response: "Oh, if you submitted within the last 10 weeks then you're not even in the...
  4. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I have a pistol coming in and I may only be able to do the Yaphank shuffle on either Christmas eve or New Years eve. Anyone knnow for sure. I didn't see anything on the website.
  5. Newbie's Unite!
    I am about to get my first pistol sent to my local ffl hopefully tomorrow. My question is when I take the pistol from the store to the PLB for 'inspection' and license amendment, and then from there to home, do I carry conceiled as I would to and from the range? Obviously I wouldn't walk in with...
  6. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    anyone know if the Suffolk PLB is open Monday or is it a holiday?
  7. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I just received a letter of conditional approval for my PL renewal. It states that I must go to the PLB to be issued my new PL & receive the most recent handbook. I don't understand why they just can't mail them like they did my initial license.
  8. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Just an FYI for anyone needing to do anything here, they are open today. Just got my latest purchase on my license. Looks like a light staff, but no line. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  9. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    A co-worker just told me that not too long ago his fathers friend got a visit out of the blue from Pistol License Bureau cops basically wanting to see/inspect all his guns. They told him that they had confiscated some guns from people who, during an inspection, had the gun loaded in a night...
  10. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Has Yaphank started accepting credit cards or cash for purchase docs? Or do I really need to find my checkbook? Or get a money order?
  11. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I know I have to fill out 2 character reference affidavits. I'll prolly have 3 filled, I know I only need 2 out of the 4 but either way. Once they fill it out, can I have it note ruled and bring it in myself or do the references have to have it notarized and mailed in?
  12. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Has anybody gone to Yaphank on a Monday afternoon? If so, how busy is it there? I read someone beating the lines on a Friday afternoon, but I'm not sure how Monday's are in comparison. (I've only gone in the mornings as soon as they open so I never saw a line of more than 2 people.) Sent from...
  13. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Went to file amendment showing my new address. Walked right in with no line ahead of me. As I was leaving PLB there were 4 or 5 guys online. I couldn't help but publicly announce (with a smile) on my way out … "I beat the line!" I got a weak smile in response from the last guy online.
  14. Open Firearm Discussions
    Just curious how everyone else does it. Locked in case or concealed. Loaded or unloaded.
  15. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Just called and confirmed they will be open on Monday Jan 19, 2015 so anyone wanting to make purchases between now and then, it certainly seems like a great time to do so! For those that have off Monday, this is a huge blessing!
  16. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Went to the Suffolk PLB to register my new gun last week. I was helped by a very attractive brunette. Nice smile and very friendly. Now before anyone gets too excited, she was wearing a wedding band. She was definitely easy on the eyes. Thought it was a refreshing change from some of the sour...
  17. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    Believe it or not the PLB in Yaphank is open today.
  18. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    If anyone was wondering, Suffolk PD Pistol Licensing Bureau is open today (July 4th).
  19. Suffolk County Licensing/Laws
    I have 2 pistols (don't ask which ones. that's for another thread) that have arrived at Jerry's last night. I will be going to Jerry's tonight to pick up the invoice for the pistols. I will not be able to go to the PLB to get a purchase document until Monday 6/30/14. My questions are as...
  20. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    Today at PLB, I noticed civilians working next to the POs at each of the two windows. I was told that they would eventually be taking over the window duties to free up the offficers which would then be able to focus on applicant investigations. This should decrease application turnaround...
1-20 of 30 Results