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    Just When You Thought You Knew Piers Morgan, He Blows Our Minds with 4 Words About 'American Sniper' By Mike Miller (2 days ago) | Celebrities, Nation, Politics IJRShareEmail Perhaps the host of the now defunct Piers Morgan Live is best remembered for his rabid anti-gun position. Night...
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    +1 CNN ??? Just kidding... Bout time.
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    Well fellas, tonight was piers morgans last night on his show. His final comments were of course regarding the American gun issue he has blathered on about his whole time on CNN. His rating were in the toilet and now he's gone. If America had agreed with his buffoonery and nonsensical opinions...
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  5. Firearm Ban & Recent Events
    See ya D-bag!! http://www.politico.com//blogs/media/2014/02/cnn-to-end-piers-morgans-show-183830.html
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    Just a reminder- 9p on CNN S.E. Cupp is hosting, not that doosh Piers! Adam
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    Get ready to puke as Piers Morgan talks about the recent Navy base shooting. I don't know how this guy can reside in the U.S.
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    I do not know if this has already been posted. More from AH.
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    Check out the gem on the juice bags show.
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    http://www.wnd.com/2013/05/piers-morgan-now-i-see-u-s-government-tyranny/ looks like piers is finally waking up, "nothing to do with guns" but anyway even if we have guns, the govt still wins because they have tanks, planes, etc.
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    It sure sounds like what Brittty boy does.... George Stroumboulopoulos headed to CNN to host current affairs show http://arts.nationalpost.com/2013/04/09/george-stroumboulopoulos-headed-to-cnn-to-host-current-affairs-show-but-will-retain-cbc-gig/ CBC host George Stromboulopoulos is poised to...
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    Watch this interview with Snoop Dogg and why he doesn't need guns any more. Really? This guy is a convicted felon, has a long criminal history, has been banned at one time or another from at least 3 countries. Do we really care what he thinks about guns or anything else for that matter?
  15. Open Firearm Discussions
    I am not sure this was a good idea of the gunshop owner. I would never let him in my shop. He is a crafty weasel.
1-18 of 34 Results