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  1. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
    Finally got some time off this week to put together a quick review on a solid red dot sight RD-50 from AT3 Tactical https://www.at3tactical.com/collections/at3-red-dot-sights/products/at3-rd-50-micro-red-dot-reflex-sight…(disclosure: this was sent to me for testing/review way back when it...
  2. Optics
    So I have an AR15 and a DPMS style AR10. I am interested in a good quality, but budget optics for both, and I am leaning towards a red dot. I had an EOtech 512. I couldnt see the reticle in sunlight with fresh batteries, but I do like the circle and dot. I sent it in for a refund. I want to use...
  3. Product Review / New Products- Open Discussion
  4. Optics
  5. Optics
  6. DIY Projects and Builds
    Greetings team. Anyone happen to have a source for .060 (give or take) blue fiber optic rods? Only place I've found is here http://shop.fiberopticproducts.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1079&search=Dark+blue Plan on making my own fiber optic sights on an upcoming build, have...
  7. Optics
    http://www.amazon.co...d=ATVPDKIKX0DER Some people were interested in this deal.
  8. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Does anyone know a source, or the size of, the fiber optic insert on RIA 1911s? It seems smaller hogan that I have on other guns and I need to get replacement inserts. THX.
  9. Semi-Auto [Rifles]
    Greetings Team. Looking for some feedback from 10/22 takedown owners. Would you say the lock up is substantial enough that a red dot could be mounted directly to the receiver (not an added rail, but receiver milled to accept it) and maintain zero? Haven't had my hands on one, but have ideas...
  10. Optics
    What do you guys suggest? I'm looking at Leupold but open to other brands. I'd like to say about 600 dollar limit. I really like this gun and I want some quality glass on it.
  11. The Welcome Mat
    Hey guys, I'm new to the gun world and I now own a Marlin .22L. It's just bare and it's nice. I love it but i want to buy a good optic. Since i haven't gotten a chance to go to a range and see how many yards i can get out of it, i was just wondering where i should start looking for a optic...
  12. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    Rogers Optic-Ready Glock Slide and the RMR: Ready for Duty November 19, 2014 Mark Miller No Comments Guns The Rogers Glock Slide with a Trijicon RMR (Ruggedized Miniature Reflex) is a great candidate for a duty gun. Used with the Safariland ALS P-2 Optic Sight Holster, it has the...
  13. Optics
    Just received this if anyone is intersted. (Thanks, Mod)
  14. Optics
    Red dot or variable scope?Red dot or variable scope for 25-150 yards?Red dot - Eotech315.00%Red dot - Aimpoint735.00%Red dot - other315.00%1-4x / 1-6x variable optic735.00%
  15. Optics
    Brand new Millet optic mounted on a rifle takes a fall from about 2ft on a wood floor.. no marks, or apparent damage and everything is factory tight with locked turrets that have never been adjusted. One piece mount loosened up. Everything else appears to be ok. Glass and reticle seem fine...
  16. Optics
    New Concept: "See All Open Sight" Fiber Optic Self-Contained Sight Posted 9 hours ago in Companies, Optics by Nathan S. Its not every day that we see a new concept for weapon sights. The See All Open Sight from See All Open Sights (original company name, eh?) is a new concept and product...
  17. DIY Projects and Builds
    After shooting raceradams XDs with the green fiber optic front site (thanks bud!), I decided to do the same. The green seems much, much brighter to me than the factory installed red one. Very easy to do, just follow the directions in the manual. Hardest part is cutting off the tiny bulb of the...
  18. Optics
    http://www.slickguns.com/product/nikon-p-223-3-9x40-mate-bdc-600-free-shipping-14998 I purchased one of these for my AR and just purchased another for my Mossberg MVP. Impressive optic for this price range well worth the $
  19. Semi-Auto [Handguns]
    After much debate, and some input here, I've decided to go with fiber optic sights on my M&P 45c. I guess the final debate is which brand, what colors, and whether to do front and rear, or just fronts. What do you guys prefer?
  20. AK - [Rifles]
    so "hypothetical situation", say someone had an M&M romanian AK type rifle, that has a quad rail on the fore end and on that quad rail there is a vortex sparc red dot. now say the owner of such a rifle was having massive problems sighting it in, no matter what he did his shots were always low...
1-20 of 24 Results