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  1. FFLs Listings & Reviews
    Hey guys just wondering who does pistol transfers available on the East End. Nothing pressing at the moment, but contemplating a few things and want to have all my research done. Thanks, Tony
  2. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Just wanted to give a heads up to people from what ive heard first hand and from fellow gun owners. One officer from the pistol license bereau was asking me if i post any firearms online i told her no but asked her which website in particular she declined to tell me which one. Went ahead to...
  3. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    any one know of a shop that has a used 20 ga. 1100 in decent shape 28' Barrel with vent rib I am looking for one for my gran daughter who got interested in shooting clay's
  4. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Western Civilization continues to go down the crapper.
  5. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Without a doubt the EU bureaucracy is on the side of the imperial Islamists. The quicker the UK executes the BREXIT the better for them, and better for the west. The USA and UK should form the nuclease of a western alliance in the coming Crusade against the imperial aggression of Islamism...
  6. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Bow hunting for deer isn't allowed on weekends in Suffolk? I no the season opened today but does that mean you can't start hunting until Monday?
  7. NY Specific Discussions
    1 Oct. at 89 North in Patchogue (Sat. afternoon) check the link and get a chuckle from the read. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YnO2OZs0PH7TL-fRDB9NV8rsMCcLeJSOAwdLXIgAKzk/viewform?edit_requested=true&fbzx=5011676491294828000 Last "forum" they did didn't go well, with control-freaks being...
  8. L.I. Community Service
    Folks: Those of you who have been around, for a while, know that, each year, Club LIF (NOT this forum) and SASI have provided a Women on Target event, at Old Bethpage R&P Club, with Steve (the Architect) and Bella (Goddess), doing all the behind the scenes organization, financing and...
  9. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I'm looking to have my walk way of buckled paver redone in concrete or pavers. Anyone masons here looking for a smallong job?
  10. Semi-Auto Handguns
    Just purchased Sig P320 Sub Compact in .40 yesterday online and really can't wait to try it. My question is, can I just put 9mm barrel in without buying the whole xchange kit, try to spend as little as possible to go to 9mm. Or maybe just buying the slide with the barrel. any input would be...
  11. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Hello all. I have recently put a blue lives matter sticker on my car." Blue stripe with black stripes above and below". My wife thinks it may bring unwanted attention from those who don't feel the same way but I'm not concerned about that at all. so I'm wondering how many of you have a sticker...
  12. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    I need a bit of help I have these magazines, they are for a 1911. I have been doing some reading and I think the one on the right is an original WW1 Colt lanyard, it has the keyhole also. I think its a Colt since theres no name on it.(Unmarked - Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co.) The one on the...
  13. NY Specific Discussions
    Apparently NYS Assemblyman Bill Nojay just blew his brains out... http://bigstory.ap.org/a8acb0ddd6994cdc9e8ea1d678c931f3? ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - A state assemblyman facing a Republican primary challenge next week and a fraud trial in Cambodia killed himself Friday, authorities said. Rochester...
  14. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    5 Best Semiautomatics on a Budget http://patriotcaller...d=&aff=&addesc=
  15. Competition Corner
    Hello everyone. I'm wondering what kind of selection of matches there are around Long Island for earning leg points in rifle and pistol? I would like to invest in earning EIC badges but if there are no NRA/CMP matches then I'm guessing USPSA would be the next best bet. Thank you in advance for...
  16. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    https://foramerica.org/2016/09/muslims-offended-2-words-911-memorial-town-blunt-response/?utm_content=bufferf25b9&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer Two words included on a new memorial to victims of the 9/11 terror attacks are now stirring a major debate in a small...
  17. Recalls
    Hostess Brands, LLC Issues Recall On Possible Undeclared Peanut Residue In Certain Snack Cake And Donut Products Read more: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm505065.htm
  18. Jokes and more Jokes!
    Please listen to the whole 14+ minutes and voice your opinions below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MubunsD-7g In case it doesn't load: youtube.com/watch?v=6MubunsD-7g
  19. Veterans and Military
    Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient Richard Autorina passed away on August 9th. I had the honor of attending his wake last night where a large gathering of veterans came to honor Rich and the sacrifices he made during his time of service and in support of the veteran community. Rich was...
  20. Out of State Crimes
    " Ben Seal, The Legal Intelligencer August 15, 2016 Attorney General Kathleen Kane's balletic evasion of the slings and arrows sent her way during her time in office concluded Monday evening, as a jury found her guilty on all charges, including two third-degree felony counts of perjury and...
1-20 of 500 Results