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  1. Veterans and Military
    Bit by bit, piece by piece. What is the expression? 'Death by a thousand cuts' I believe. We're going to look back in a very short time and kick ourselves because we all saw this coming. For the first time, CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group, will have a float in the Veterans Day Parade in...
  2. Chit-Chat
    TWO STATES IN THE MIDDLE OF AMERICA! Illinois & Oklahoma: I thought these two states, made for an interesting contrast. The first part about Illinois and the second part is about Oklahoma! PART 1 - Illinois "A State with No Republicans"! Some interesting data on the 'state' of the State of...
  3. Open Firearm Discussions
    http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2014/05/29/booze-and-bullets-oklahoma-city-gun-range-cafe-given-liquor-license-approved/ Not sure about this but if LIPSA of Freeport served beer, I might never go home. Thoughts? Opinions?
  4. Chit-Chat
    Horrible to watch what has happened to these people. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by this devastation. Truly heartbreaking.
  5. Out of State Crimes
    Do police get hazard pay for this. Are there rubber gloves that go up to your shoulder? I would be really impressed if they found a Desert Eagle. Oklahoma police find loaded gun hidden in woman's private parts Published March 07, 2013 FoxNews.com A search of two Oklahoma women who were...
  6. Out of State Crimes
    Oklahoma HS student arrested for plotting massacre http://www.salon.com/2012/12/15/oklahoma_hs_student_arrested_for_plotting_massacre/ Police arrested a high school student in Bartlesville, Okla. Friday for allegedly plotting a school massacre involving guns and bombs, the Tulsa World writes...
  7. Out Of State Licensing
    I happen to be in Oklahoma and today is day one of open carry. Anyone who already has a CCW can now carry in the open. Only added rule on top of the CCW laws is that you are not allowed to unholster your gun in public unless you are in a defense situation which then you are covered by Stand...
1-7 of 7 Results