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  1. Optics
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is October 5th. We will choose 12 lucky winners for: 4 winners will each receive Vortex Diamondback 10x50 Roof Prism Binocular #DB-206 4 winners will each receive a Vortex Diamondback 10x32 Roof Prism Binocular #DB-203 4 winners will each receive a Vortex...
  2. 4X4 -Enjoy the offroad! / CB Radio Area
  3. Camping / RV - Open Discussions
    My son (11)  is supposed to go camping/hiking in the Catskills two weeks from now with the Scouts. At this time of year, at least where I am from, bears are very active as they prepare for hibernation. How are the Catskills for bear activity this time of the year? There will be four adults with...
  4. Veterans and Military
    Received the following. Will provide updates as I receive them. Paul US Navy, '79 - '83 Patriot Guard Rider Sergeant at Arms, NYC - LI Victory Riders ______________________________________________________ RIDERS! Sunday October 4th, at O-Dark-Early will be the next Honor Flight Motorcycle...
  5. Hunting - Open Discussions
    I know about layers. I'm thinking of having a Merino wool base layer but after that I'm kind of lost. What should I have as a second layer? I have my shell layer already too. What kind of socks? I have a good pair of boots with Gortex that will keep me warm. Thanks.
  6. Appleseed Project
    Thanks to our Project Appleseed friends at LIPSA we're going to do another Appleseed Shoot there October 24 & 25, 2015. This will be the last Appleseed at this location this year so for those interested in attending here's your chance to get on the line and try to earn your RIFLEMAN status...
  7. Voting Polls!
    October Picture ContestWho Should Win The October FotM Picture Contest?Entry # 110.95%Entry # 21716.19%Entry # 321.90%Entry # 42624.76%Entry # 565.71%Entry # 62019.05%Entry # 71312.38%Entry # 854.76%Entry # 943.81%Entry # 101110.48%
  8. Site Help and Suggestions
    I can't seem to find the October picture contest. Is it up? Or does it only go up after the month is ended?
  9. Hunting - Open Discussions
    Any of you guys in attendance last night? 5 hours is a damn long time to be sitting in a chair, even though we had breaks. Most of the stuff we went over was just common sense (gun safety, what to do when crossing an obstacle with a firearm, etc.). Found the video's kind of boring, preferred...
  10. Open Shout Out!
    Its no wonder many candidates are running in the opposite direction from the Prez. Another example of political pandering and how it will screw us in the end. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/10/21/order-for-millions-blank-work-permits-green-cards-raising-amnesty-concerns/
  11. Veterans and Military
    http://pgrny.org/mis...-wed-oct-8-2014 R8/9, NOA Memorial Service, Calverton, Wed, Oct 8, 2014 | Print | The NOA Memorial Services for this month will be held on Oct. 8, 2014 @ 1000 hrs. in the Committal Area. This service is for those Veterans that were a direct burial during the...
  12. Chit-Chat
    Windham Weaponry (The Former Original Bushmaster Company) is hosting an AR-15 armorers course. This course is open to us civilians with a pistol license (target is okay), a first on Long Island. Any questions or comments can be sent to the person below. I have no affiliation with Windham, just...
  13. Open Firearm Discussions
    box of 333 ......$19.49 box of 500 ......$39.99 and i know there were others that were less....yikes!
  14. Nassau County (licensing/laws)
    question for those who got their nassau county handgun license last month (October), when did you have your fingerprints taken? I'm trying to see if the wait (fingerprint to license) is truly 6mths.
  15. L.I. Community Service
    This free event is hosted by LISAPA (LI Second Amendement Preservation Association) & sponsored by Long Island Firearms. First and foremost, I would like to thank all the volunteers today!. Thanks to Old Bethpage Rifle and Pistol Club for the use of their facility. Missed this years event...
  16. Appleseed Project
    Yeah, that's right. We're STILL running Appleseeds in Manhattan. Next one - October 19, 3pm - 10 pm. Register here: http://appleseedinfo.org/search-states-location.php?locationid=77 Yeah it's shorter, and indoors, and we have no sitting or prone, and only 50 feet with well worn borrowed...
  17. Suffolk County [Ranges]
    Just wanted to confirm its 10AM per their website? thanks all
  18. L.I. Community Service
    It's been months since I was able to attend a packing night and I miss it. I miss the spirit. I miss seeing so many LIF volunteers who show up. I miss being part of such a worthy effort. My schedule, very hopefully temporarily, just doesn't afford me the time to get down there most months. I'm...
1-18 of 23 Results