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  1. Out of State Crimes
    What can I say.... Homeowner 1 - BG 0 http://www.wapt.com/news/central-mississippi/man-killed-breaking-into-vicksburg-house-could-be-mccloud/38440344 http://www.msnewsnow.com/story/31435693/escaped-inmate-rafael-mccloud-shot-to-death-by-homeowner Source: WLBT Rafael McCloud Source: Warren...
  2. Out of State Crimes
    So a murderer live-posted his work on internet sites last night. Actually saw this on 4chan last night. Guy posted murder photos (nude victim, strangled) and said "hey guys, it's a lot harder strangling a woman than it looks in the movies". Most users thought it was fake, then he said to check...
  3. Out of State Crimes
    It appears Canada is just as stupid as the USA when it comes to violent criminals. http://heavy.com/news/2014/10/michael-zehaf-bibeau-ottawa-parliament-shooting-terro-attack/ ... According to CBS, sources say his name was Michael Abdul Zehaf Bibeau, and he sometimes dropped the Michael and went...
  4. Survival/Disaster Planning and more
    Interesting read. It's a bit long. http://www.cato.org/...d-mass-murderer What Should You Do if You're Threatened by a Mass Murderer? By Jim Powell This article appeared in Forbes.com on September 4, 2013. Calling 911 isn't enough.
  5. Out of State Crimes
    Unreal...they want more gun control & they can't even practice criminal control... http://chicago.cbslo...ed-authorities/ Murderer Mistakenly Released From Prison... Alvarez: Mistakenly Released Killer Didn't Need To Be In Court At All CHICAGO (CBS) - Cook County State's Attorney Anita...
  6. Chit-Chat
    Convicted murderer mistakenly released in Chicago http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/01/justice/illinois-prisoner-released/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 (CNN) -- A convicted murderer was on the loose Friday morning after he was mistakenly released from custody in Chicago. Steven Robbins, 44, convicted of a...
1-6 of 6 Results