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  1. Nassau County Ranges
    I haven't been to the range in a while. Has the DSI fiasco had any effect on the number of people shooting featureless rifles? Any hard times to be had from range officers?
  2. Out Of State Licensing
    Anybody know if there will a Utah training course held at Mitchel any time soon? Maybe at night or on the weekend? I see there is one in Brookhaven on the 19th, was hoping for one closer to home though.
  3. Nassau County Ranges
    I have a friend who just got his pistol license and wants to try some of my handguns out before buying. Not sure that is allowed at Mitchel Field, at least it wasn't 2 - 3 years ago. Tried to pm dodgeram but it wouldn't go thru, I guess his pm box is full.
  4. Nassau County Ranges
    I need to test some .22 ammo for groups, but I am, I believe, frustrated by the dancing targets on a string at Mitchel Field range. It appears the ventilation fan subjects the paper targets to all degrees of movement while hanging from the clip Does anybody have any system for steadying the...
  5. Nassau County Ranges
    This might sound silly but here it goes. I'm going to a class tomorrow which is being held at Mitchel field, where I've never been to before. I got an email confirmation the other day which said essentially not to use gps or you will get lost going there. Is it hard to find the place? They...
  6. Nassau County Ranges
    Just purchased an air rifle. I was wondering if anyone knew the rules about bringing it to Mitchel next time I go. I checked the website and there was no mention of it. I can call on Monday, but I was just curious.
  7. L.I. Community Service
    Sportsman's Association for Firearms Education is presenting a Women on Target Event on May 30th at Mitchel Field. Flyer attached Sportsmen's AssociationFor Firearms Education,Inc. P. O. Box 343 Commack, NY 11725 Visit our Web Site at: www.NYSAFE.org...
  8. Nassau County Ranges
    Can you shoot bird shot at Michel field range? I need to pattern my gun before the weekend. Work till 4 everyday need a place I can go after work. Thanks
  9. Nassau County Ranges
    Police received a 911 call at 12:52 p.m. reporting a male with a gunshot wound at the Nassau County Rifle and Pistol Range at Mitchel Athletic Complex on Charles Lindbergh Lane, police said. The victim was taken to a hospital, police said. Police are investigating whether the single gunshot was...
  10. All Other - Open Discussions
  11. Nassau County Ranges
    Heads up, Mitchel field has completed its maintenance and reopens Monday August 5th 2013 regular hours. Nassau County Rifle and Pistol Range at Mitchel Athletic Complex Uniondale, Charles Lindbergh Boulevard 516-572-0420 Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Saturday - Sunday, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  12. Law Enforcement
    Anyone heading to Mitchel Field tomorrow, Sunday 06/09? My wife is taking a course there so I will be hanging around most of the day. Let me know if you plan on being there. 1062_ZEBRA
  13. Nassau County Licensing/Laws
    Quick question. Can I shoot my 30-06 rifle at Mitchel Field? thanks
  14. Law Enforcement
    Would anyone like to meet at Mitchel today. Was thinking of going down sometime in the afternoon. Would love a partner. Wanna test out my new M&P. Post here or PM me. Take care
  15. Law Enforcement
    Mitchel Field Meet Up (LEO ONLY)Would you be interested in a meet up at Mitchel Field (LEO ONLY)?Yes1191.67%No18.33%
  16. Nassau County Ranges
    Last time there was an ammo shortage , the NC range at MItchel Field allowed FMJ rifle ammo to be used instead of the required HP or SP. Are they allowing FMJ rifle ammo to be used now since there is an ammo shortage?
  17. Off Topic Lounge Chit-Chat
    Anyone know who the shorter redish haired very conservitive guy at mitchell field is?...I ask because I just got in a heated debate with a friend who is new to firearms..seems that this guy is telling everyone 10 round mags are illegal...those who see me post here know that I HATE misinformation...
  18. Nassau County Ranges
    Just got back from Mitchel Field They raised the rate from $7 to $10 Still a good deal A great session: they let me stay around 4 hours: before I went home I notice that there are less and less people showing up I see people come in shoot 20-30 rounds and leave When will this ammo shortage...
  19. Nassau County Ranges
    I'm new to the sport. I've shot pistols at an outdoor range and rifle indoor but I'm going to the range with my own firearms for the first time. Remington 870 12 gauge and Marlin 30-30 Lever Action. Anyone experienced going to be at the range tomorrow morning to help a newbie out? Worth a shot...
  20. Nassau County Ranges
    I was planning on heading to Mitchel Field today during my lunch break, but I forgot my ear protection. I don't have enough time to stop and pick up a pair before going. Do they sell those crappy disposable earplugs there?
1-20 of 22 Results